Logitech’s Streamlabs Announces Integration with TikTok LIVE

The leading provider of live streaming tools and a brand of Logitech, Streamlabs, today launched their integration with TikTok LIVE to promote easy streaming to TikTok. With the new Streamlabs collaboration, creators can go live on TikTok and customize their streams from one place.

One major feature of the integration is that users can log into Streamlabs Desktop AND the Streamlabs Mobile App without a TikTok stream key. By logging into Streamlabs Desktop or Mobile using their TikTok account, users can apply for stream access to their account to go live with Streamlabs instantly.

This marks the latest addition to Streamlabs’ growing arsenal of successful tools for content creation on TikTok, such as the powerful Cross Clip editor, which launched a mobile version last year. Streamlabs’ seamless streaming let users go live simultaneously across multiple platforms to engage their full audience simultaneously.

Streamlabs’ Multistream harmonizes with the Dual Output functionality, allowing users to create and share horizontal and vertical resolutions simultaneously while streaming or recording using Streamlabs Desktop. Desktop users can also enable Multistreaming, so they can go live on TikTok at the same time they’re streaming to their other platforms of choice, maximizing the potential for audience engagement.

This integration with TikTok is the next step in Streamlabs’ continuous journey to help creators expand their audiences. In 2023, the company unveiled an AI-powered Podcast Editor for the premium Streamlabs Ultra suite. The Podcast Editor, endorsed by highly prolific creators like Rhett & Link, helps users quickly record and edit their video and audio content with easy text-based editing.

Look for future updates in the coming months, including access to TikTok through the Streamlabs Mobile app, web experience compatibility for Multistream, and more.

To learn more about Streamlabs please visit https://streamlabs.com/.


Source: Streamlabs, Tik Tok