Justin Alexander Signature Debut Spring/ Summer 2025 with Sexsdreams at Milan Fashion Week

Justin Alexander Signature, the contemporary designer of mid- to high-end bridal gowns,and Milan-based graffiti artist, Sexsdreams or Gioele Corradengo, debuted their new Spring/ Summer 2025 collection during Milan Bridal Fashion Week. The “Verses in Contrast” campaign, under the leadership of CEO and Creative Director of Justin Alexander, aims to rejuvenate and reframe the concept of marriage, making it relevant and cool to today’s generation.

Bridging the gap between the world of bridal and street art, Justin Warshaw and Sexsdreams the “Verses in Contrast” campaign provides a new perspective on the way bridal proves its righteousness of marriage traditions. With Sexsdreams’ vibrant, raw energy that brings the streets of Milan to life, this bridal collaboration will transform timeless elegance into contemporary edge. 

The “Verses in Contrast” campaign proves to be bold, creative, and modern, and offers a new take on bridal fashion that honors marriage traditions while boldly stepping into the future. For this campaign, Justin Alexander Signature is celebrating the harmonious blend of traditional, timeless bridal gowns with modern innovation. 

Encapsulating dreams, inspired by love and beauty, each gown tells a unique story, capturing modern romance and contemporary elegance. The collection features tailoring through modern seaming, structured corsets, and flattering ruching with statement details like pearl accents and exposed boning.

With the floral artistry illustrated with brocades, oversized rosettes, and 3D florals, these gowns are art at its finest with unexpected elements that excite and energize. Brides are the canvas upon which dreams are painted, and Justin Alexander gowns are the brushstrokes that bring those dreams to life.

To learn more about Justin Alexander please visit: https://www.justinalexander.com/justin-alexander-signature/.

About Justin Alexander:

Justin Alexander debuted on the bridal fashion scene as T&G Bridal in Brooklyn, New York in 1946, a time when women were renouncing the idea of clothing as mere necessity and embracing fashion as a way to express femininity, confidence, and beauty. Since its humble roots, Justin Alexander has become a contemporary designer and manufacturer of mid- to high-end bridal gowns and accessories. Each design is distinctly recognized for its vintage inspiration paired with progressive details. Recognizing that a bride’s taste in fashion is as complex as the woman herself, the company has diversified itself to include the marquee collection Justin Alexander, in addition to the noteworthy designs of Justin Alexander Signature, Adore by Justin Alexander, Lillian West, Sincerity Bridal, and Thanks and Goodluck (T&G).

About Justin Warshaw:

Justin Warshaw, CEO and Creative Director of Justin Alexander, joined Justin Alexander Inc., in 2008 after graduating from the University of Connecticut. Justin has a strong passion for the bridal industry and has his pulse on the creative and commercial arms of the business. Today, Justin Alexander owns and operates distribution centers that service 70 countries and over 2,200 boutiques worldwide allowing Justin to provide outstanding service to wholesale partners and brides globally. Warshaw has led its brands, including Justin Alexander, Justin Alexander Signature, Adore by Justin Alexander, Lillian West, Sincerity Bridal, Thanks&Goodluck, Viktor&Rolf Mariage and Savannah Miller, to new heights, and continues to be a notable figure in the bridal industry. 

About Sexsdreams:

A Milan-based graffiti artist who defies convention. His vibrant, raw energy breathes life into the streets, and now, onto the runway. His art transcends boundaries, infusing simplicity with soul and color.

### Source: Justin Alexander, Sexsdreams