Kora Kora Launches Face Mask Necklaces on Kickstarter To Support Brazil

Announced today, Kora Kora has launched a new line of direct-to-consumer goods beginning with a statement piece called “the mask necklace” on Kickstarter. This unique collector’s item represents a symbol of hope and the global fight against the coronavirus. Every necklace represents one kit of supplies to be distributed in low-income areas of Brazil, including those hardest hit by the virus and its economic impacts.

Each mask necklace is meticulously made and is comprised of more th`an 100 crystals. Each one is carefully placed by hand into position. The statement piece is available in four different colors: gold, silver, aquamarine, and black.

The mask necklace was designed by Kora Kora’s head designer, Queenie, whose work has been featured in Vogue, InStyle, Harper’s Bazaar, Nylon, Paper Magazine, Wonderland, Cosmopolitan, Heroine, King Kong, Schön, etc. Before Kora Kora, she worked for Marc Jacobs, Thom Browne, Oscar De la Renta, and Jeremy Scott.

The company was very much inspired by the “one for one” model for this campaign. Every necklace will directly result in a donation of essential hygiene kits (masks, sanitizer, and disinfectants) and food supplies to communities in need. To make this happen, Kora Kora partnered with two renowned Brazilian NGOs, Project UM and Vozes das Periferias, to fulfill this social mission.

Why Brazil?

Brazil currently has the second-highest number of COVID-19 deaths and the third-highest number of cases in the world, with more than 140,000 deaths and 4.5 million cases.

They decided to launch the piece on Kickstarter, as it is a community of early adopters and creative people from all over the world. If you pledge $119 or more, you will receive the Limited Early Bird special with 1x Kora Kora Mask Necklace of your choice. With this purchase, they will donate 1 KIT of essential supplies to low-income people in Brazil that need protection.

To pre-order, visit pr.go2.fund/korakora. For more information, visit www.korakora.com.


Source: Kora Kora, Kickstarter