It’s All About Smart Vehicles, Automated Driving and Vehicle Technology for CES 2018

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There will be several different world premieres, debuts and demos of the newest vehicles including vehicle technology at CES 2018.  Named one of the 10 best auto show, CES 2018 will have 255K square feet of Vehicle Tech exhibit space during CES this year. 

We decided we should make a combined list of CES 2018 vehicles and vehicle technology that we are aware of as of now. Below are some of the debuts, world premieres and demo’s we had heard of thus far.  Please note, a lot of these don’t have booth numbers yet or weren’t provided to us. That said at the end of this post we will have a set of links for you to locate the booths you prefer to see while at CES 2018.

World Premeire of the Mercedes-Benz User Experience (MBUX)

World Premeire of the Mercedes-Benz User Experience (MBUX) at CES from the 9th through 12th of January, 2018. Featuring innovative technology based on artificial intelligence and an intuitive operating system, the MBUX is set to usher in a new era in terms of infotainment and Mercedes me connectivity. The official unveiling of the new infotainment system takes place on January 9, 2018 as part of the press conference being held at 12 noon (PST) at the 613 m2 Mercedes-Benz stand. The press conference can also be followed live via Mercedes me media.

Byton World Premiere and CES Floor Location

The next generation smart car that won’t be powered by a phone, tablet or watch. It will be driven by a car. Byton’s World Premiere at CES will be during Media day 1, a media only event. Byton will have a booth at CES from the 9th to the 12th in the Las Vegas Convention Center, North Hall.

Rinspeed’s “Snap” Concept Debut

Rinspeed’s “Snap” Concept auto will debut at CES 2018 from January 9th through the 12th . Rinspeed’s latest, called Snap, would allow users to summon a vehicle-sized “skateboard” that would dock with personalized passenger “pods” and autonomously drive users to work, shopping, camping, or anywhere they wanted to go.

Fisker EMotion Debut

The Fisker EMotion all-electric luxury electric sedan will make its official debut at CES 2018 from January 9th through the 12th. In partnership with Fisker, Quanergy Systems is working closely to integrate autonomous hardware, specifically five of Quanergy’s S3 LiDAR sensors, in the Fisker EMotion body design as a seamless part of the vehicle and not an aesthetic eyesore.

Genovation’s GXE car Debut (Previously posted)

Genovation Cars Inc., maker of the world’s fastest street legal electric supercar, has a world debut that will take place on Tuesday, January 9, 2018 at CES. They’ll be in the North Hall Exhibition Space # 3938 of the Las Vegas Convention Center.

Vehicle Technology at CES 2018:

DENSO Corporation and Toyota Tsusho Corporation

DENSO Corporation and Toyota Tsusho Corporation announced they will conduct the world’s first test using a quantum computer to process data from a traffic IoT platform. DENSO will present the concept and overviews at CES 2018 from January 9th through to the 12th.


FEV has integrated MicroToken Exchange (MTE) technology developed by Eclypses into its FEV Cyber Security Gateway, providing the strongest security for end-to-end communications. FEV will be demonstrating many of its smart vehicle technologies for the first time on the streets of Las Vegas during CES. The FEV Smart Vehicle Demonstrator vehicle, which serves as a technology and development platform, will be shuttling customers to and from its hospitality suite in the Bellagio Hotel to the Las Vegas Convention Center for the duration of the show. While capable of autonomous operation, the vehicle will be driven by an FEV representative who will explain and demonstrate the integrated technologies.

AdaSky’s VIPER

AdaSky’s VIPER is a complete-sensing solution to enable 24/7 driving, combining a far infrared thermal camera with advanced machine vision algorithms that lets autonomous vehicles see and understand the road in any lighting or weather condition. AdaSky’s VIPER’s booth is in the Westgate Hospitality Suites #410 during CES 2018 from the 9th through the 12th.


Since CES is so massive this is just a handful of exhibitors for vehicles and vehicle technology. This list will continue to expand as CES approaches and we will try to continue to provide updates as they are announced.

Below are the links to guide you to each booth and also throughout your CES 2018 experience.

For more information about CES 2018 click here. See you all at CES 2018!


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