Introducing the ColdSnap Ice Cream & Frozen Confection System Presented at CES 2024

During CES 2024, ColdSnap, a Boston-based food technology company, gave demos of the ColdSnap system, their highly anticipated ice cream and frozen confection system. Consisting of the ColdSnap appliance and ColdSnap pods, the proprietary ColdSnap system freezes on-demand single servings of premium ice cream and other frozen treats – including frozen lattes, protein shakes, smoothies, and frozen cocktails in two minutes.

Traditional hard-packed ice cream purchased at the ice cream shop or the supermarket spends weeks or even months in a deep freeze where ice crystals grow and the product loses its great taste and freshness. How many times has that happened to your ice cream? The ColdSnap system makes the creamiest and best tasting ice cream available anywhere. We tested it out during CES 2024 and can confirm!

More so than often, soft serve ice cream purchased at quick service restaurants uses lesser-quality ingredients including carrageenan and artificial flavors. Alternatively, ColdSnap uses premium ingredients and freezes these ingredients on demand at the point of consumption creating a freshly frozen, high-fat (14% buttermilk fat), dense, and incredibly smooth product.

The ColdSnap system freezes the shelf-stable, liquid ice cream mix contained within the ColdSnap pod and then dispenses the ice cream from the pod directly into the bowl. No cleaning of the ColdSnap appliance is required as food does not touch the machine during freezing, mixing, or dispensing.

In fact, there are no water lines or plumbing required; simply plug the machine into a standard 120V/15A outlet. ColdSnap pods do not require refrigeration. With single servings of many flavors of premium ice cream and frozen treats available, and more currently in development, ColdSnap offers a personalized experience that can please any palate. 

The idea for ColdSnap came from Matthew Fonte and his daughters. When nightly bedtime stories grew dull for Matt and his two daughters, they focused on a more creative past-time: invention journals. The girls considered a pod-based system that could generate ice cream in 60 seconds or less, and without the mess. Matt, a serial entrepreneur, saw potential in this idea. In 2018, ColdSnap was formed with a singular objective to transform the way frozen confections are produced, transported, purchased, and enjoyed. Today the company employs a team of 100 and has built a state-of-the-art pod-production facility in Billerica, MA.

ColdSnap is launching in commercial settings throughout the United States in Q1 2024. ColdSnap’s compact size and plug-and-play ease-of-use make it ideal for commercial offices, stadiums and arenas, convention centers, customer lounges, colleges and universities, senior assisted living facilities, and many more settings.

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About ColdSnap

Based in Boston, MA, ColdSnap is a privately held, technology-driven company changing the way the world enjoys ice cream and frozen confections. With over 90 patents and 80 patents pending, ColdSnap has received multiple innovation awards. ColdSnap is positioned to bring the ice cream shop to your countertop.


Source: ColdSnap