Ears of Buddha Addresses Fashion Waste Crisis with a New Repurposed Collection

Ears of Buddha, an independent fashion brand based in Houston, recently launched its new one of a kind capsule collection of repurposed garments proving sustainable fashion can also be chic. Ears of Buddha is now addressing the industry-wide issue of overstocking by launching a capsule collection of repurposed garments. Ears of Buddha, founded by Franny and John Koelsch and represented by DREEMS NYC​, has had sustainability at its core since inception. Local production, small quantities, transparent and short supply chains, and mindfully sourced fabrics all come together to ensure a minor ecological footprint.

The ongoing pandemic acts as a reminder that the long-coming change, which is required of the fashion industry, might be here sooner than anticipated and is catalyzed by this current crisis.

Greenwashing has frequently been applied by brands but as many are now scrambling for survival in the present economic state, this leads to brands abandoning their initial sustainable model to protect their business. Whereas companies that have inherently integrated sustainability in their operations are pushing the envelope by taking on new ground. 

Franny Koelsch began using repurposed details to decorate her own denim garments. The interest to individualize wardrobe staples grew among the brand’s client base and Ears of Buddha began sourcing vintage denim to launch it on a larger scale.

Franny, who also runs a gallery in Houston which represents local emerging artists, explains how years of curating other artists’ work have now influenced her own designs and this specific collection. To take, combine, and arrange existing objects to achieve the desired outcome, is proof that creative and sustainable initiatives can, and should, go hand in hand.

Giving back to the local community is also deeply embedded in the identity of Ears of Buddha. As part of the repurposed program, 20% of sales for the upcycled denim jackets will be donated to ​Renew Houston, an organization committed to helping sex trafficking survivors’ transition into independent living.

To shop Ears of Buddha collections please visit: https://earsofbuddha.com/. Currently you can receive 40% off with checkout code corona2020 for a limited time.


Established in 2017 by Alise Trautmane and Sai Kong, DREEMS is a self-funded fashion start-up in New York for independent, fashion-forward designers that offers retail and PR showroom representation, wholesale and consulting services. DREEMS is located in the heart of New York’s SoHo neighborhood and represents more than 70 independent fashion brands, including but not limited to ​Richard Quinn, Juun J., Litkovskaya, Walk of Shame, and GCDS.


Source: Ears of Buddha, DREEMS