International Summer and Fall Fashion Events to be Exclusively Powered by JOOR

The fashion industry has been working hard to find a way for designers to showcase their new collections virtually since in-person fashion shows have been canceled for the summer. Today JOOR, the world’s industry-standard digital wholesale platform, is partnering with  PREMIUM GROUP and the British Fashion Council to offer virtual PREMIUM GROUP Berlin and London Fashion Week as well as upcoming fall fashion events.

The new JOOR Passport is intended for the current market conditions of restricted travel as well as the post-pandemic era when physical events resume.  It centralizes the trade show and fashion week experience by creating a one-stop-shop for users: one place to upload data, one website to visit, one app to download, and one comprehensive experience. By digitizing the interaction between brands and retailers, it enables a 365 day per year marketplace where retailers discover new styles and designers, and brands generate more connections.

For summer fashion events, brands can upload their seasonal lookbooks to unique profile pages and showcase their styles in virtual showrooms. Retailers participating in the show request access, and are then invited by each brand to shop its collection online. Those brands who have created images using JOOR’s exclusive partnership with ORB360 will be able to offer retailers 360 degree images that communicate every product detail for an enhanced shopping experience.

When physical events resume, JOOR will take an omni-channel approach. The Passport mobile app will allow brands and retailers to manage their connections and appointments and place orders at these events. Retailers will use the universal app for all shows. Data stored in the app is carried from one event to the next to make planning and reconnecting easier than ever before.

On the heels of a series of cancellations and scaled back events, the virtual PREMIUM GROUP Berlin and London Fashion Week will take place on June 12-14, 2020, and PREMIUM GROUP Berlin is scheduled for July, followed by additional global shows this fall. JOOR will create unique landing environments for each trade show for brands to showcase and retailers to shop collections.

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Source: JOOR