Bellemere NY Introduces New Sustainable Cashmere 2020 Collection

Bellemere NY, a high-end New York fashion house specializing in sustainable cashmere and merino wool garments created by Samantha Honstetter, is upgrading the direct-to-consumer business model by offering luxe amenities.

With this addition, the brand will provide a swatch sample to customers to test prior to purchasing and includes aftercare guidance and tools with every purchase.

The inaugural Bellemere NY collection features an array of sweaters, coats, joggers, hats and scarves for men and women.

Utilizing eco-natural fibers to craft luxury cashmere yarns from 12-gauge knit to 16-gauge knit, the collection offers unparalleled luxury at an accessible price point, ranging from $74 for a hat to $460 for a 100% hand-made wool coats.

Bellemere NYutilizes a textile company that is 100% traceable and has passed numerous international certifications including The Responsible Wool Standard, The Good Cashmere Standard® and with The International Cooperation Committee of Animal Welfare (ICCAW).

In addition, the brand avoids the overuse of animals and land by producing garments on demand and all items are designed at the factory and shipped to the final destination to lessen the brand’s carbon footprint. All garments are 100% pure cashmere, including cashmere worsted, cashmere merino blended, cashmere and cotton blended, 100% merino wool, Tencel™ and handmade wool.

“We are selective about the fibers we choose. We are committed to not only providing the highest quality of cashmere to our customers, but to change the harmful environmental practices of the fashion industry,” said Honstetter. “The welfare of animals and the environment can go hand-in-hand with quality cashmere design.”

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Source: Bellemere NY