Confirmed 1.0 for Outlook Beta Now Released

Confirmed LLC, the providers of Confirmed Instant Scheduler and Confirmed for Outlook have released their “Future of Scheduling,” Confirmed 1.0 for Outlook, a week early. Previously announced at CES 2020 to launch in February Confirmed is now available to early adopters, and the company is even providing the first adopters with an 80% discount. 

With Confirmed, instead of sending a meeting invitation for a specific time, you send an offer with multiple choices for time and place. Confirmed reserves those times on your calendar; then when the other person confirms a specific time and place, Confirmed sends confirmations to both parties, removes the unused times from your calendar, and logs it into a history for later reference and actions.

The new release of Confirmed 1.0 for Outlook can add the pending timeslots into a separate layer next to other calendar entries right in Microsoft Outlook – so Outlook users can easily reference their proposed, still-pending slots when planning their days.  A single 5-minute installation makes Confirmed concurrently available in all Outlook versions for Mac, Windows, mobile (iPhone & Android) & web; and shows the pending slots in a differentiated color that can be turned on/off at will.

With its additional features, Confirmed combines best scheduling practices with insights, automation and analytics to reduce the back-&-forth of traditional scheduling; and increases meeting acceptance rates by up to 25%.

 To celebrate the early release and availability of Confirmed within Outlook, the company is allowing new users in this early period to sign-up for its Premium Edition at 80% discount.  Simply select Premium Edition paid annually, and use coupon code, “team191b” when you sign up.  This will discount the normal $240 annual subscription by $192; so these users will enjoy a LIFETIME Premium subscription for only $48 annually.   This deep discount is only available for a limited time.

To get the beta version or to learn more please visit: