Concept Korea’ Presents NOHANT, EENK, and UL:KIN Spring/Summer 2022 Collections at NYFW

For New York Fashion Week, Concept Korea’, a global fashion program, launched a three-part film series that unveiled the vibrant face of contemporary Korean design. Breaking away from traditional runway formats to give life to fashion in unexpected ways, the “Digital Collection” showcases great brands and designers with the storytelling they deserve.

The film features the Spring 2022 collections of EENK (Hyemee Lee), NOHANT (Noah Nam), and UL:KIN (Seong-dong Lee) that become the stars of this series of short films that tell the story of Concept Korea.

Co-produced by Ok-seop Yi, director of the Korean hit film “Maggie,” and actor Kyo-hwan Koo, who charmed in “Escape from Mogadishu” and “D.P.”, these three episodes highlight the identity of each brand and give a novel perspective on Korean talent in design and entertainment to our global audience.

EENK (Hyemee Lee) – Unconventional Elegance

Using the alphabet as a guideline, EENK’s ‘Letter Project’ takes an idea, an item or an inspiration as the starting point for the entire season. Imaginative layering, a multiplicity of fabrics, and close attention to detail breathe life into their unexpected combinations for unconventionally playful collections.

For the spring/summer of 2022, EENK imagines a world beyond reality in “U for UTOPIA”. The past is within the future and the future is within the past in this collection of poetic dreams made of pastel hues and forward-leaning craftsmanship. A burst of popsicle colors and playful motifs of romanticism takes us to a strange and beautiful world of imagination where childhood memories, idyllic nostalgia and futuristic optimism co-exist. EENK cast actress Jung Ryeo-won and director Koo Kyo-hwan himself in this season’s film.

NOHANT (Noah Nam) – Iconic essentiality

Since its launch in 2010, the unisex label NOHANT, designed by Noah Nam, has been one of the most popular design signatures at Seoul Fashion Week thanks to its “brunch look” wardrobe of savvy designs. Proof that simple ideas can lead to great change, through the ‘Hangul Fashion Project’, which uses a mix of Korean and English alphabets to splash the name of six fashion capitals across the ultimate fashionable “message t-shirt”, the brand was able to donate 100M Korean Won to help underprivileged children.

Titled “In Dialogue,” the 10th anniversary of Spring 2022 is imagined as the epitome of the brunch look – an evocation of a time suspended between free-spirited moments and daily life, with an elevated mix of casual, cool and creative. In the season’s fashion film, NOHANT cast actor Jin-young of Korean idol group GOT7 as the main character.

UL:KIN (Seong-dong Lee) – Sexiest sustainability

UL:KIN is a high-end casual line launched in 2014 that addresses the idea that sustainability can be a seductive, fashion-forward proposal. Translating his sensibility towards art and culture into an engine for change, Seong-dong Lee develops his unique experimental silhouettes through sustainable methods. Upcycling, use of scrap material and economy in design become the starting point for new proposals.

For Spring 2022, UL:KIN considers an item that we create for one of the brightest moments in our lives, and then discard without a second thought – the wedding dress. 1.7 million gowns are abandoned in Korea every year, considered out of fashion, faded or simply no longer desired. Through “Everlasting,” he uses his sensibility to that thing discarded in haste can shine again, giving his answer to the biggest question of today: “how can we avoid throwing away senselessly?” GFRIEND’s Sowon appears in UL:KIN’s film as actress Kim So-jung along with Jin Ji-hee from The Penthouse: War in Life.

After being unveiled at New York Fashion Week, the collection of all three designers will be featured on B2B platform JOOR, where they will be sold and promoted globally throughout the Spring 2022 market.

About Concept Korea’

Concept Korea’ is a global fashion program hosted by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism and organized by the Korea Creative Content Agency (KOCCA). In 2010, it premiered in New York City during Fashion Week with one goal: putting Korean designers on the global map. Season after season, Concept Korea has offered a vision of contemporary Korean design to the world through fashion shows, promotional events and a networking day in New York. For its 12th anniversary this year, Concept Korea is part of the official program of NYFW.


Source: Concept Korea, NOHANT, EENK, UL:KIN