(code)word: The Hat That Gives Back

It’s always great to hear about a company that gives back to communities or charities. One of the newest companies we have learned of is (code)word hats. (code)word was founded on the concept of giving back to the local community. They give 30% of profit back from their hat sell to the children’s hospitals that serve each area code.

This year our nation suffered major national disasters with the hurricanes that hit Texas, Florida and Puerto Rico in the fall. Since then communities have banded together to help their fellow neighbor, friends and family going through catastrophic damages to their homes and cities. After Texas and Florida were hit (code)word decided to release a new line of hats to fund local food banks in the hardest hit areas.Each hat has three letters either ”TEX” or “FLA” instead of using area codes. For this effort they are giving 35% of each sale to hurricane relief efforts. One (code)word hat should provide 21 meals to those in need. Below are the different hats to choose from:

Hurricane Irma Efforts Hats:Hurricane Harvey Efforts Hats:

I received one of their hats recently to review with the 512 area code on the front and ATX on the back.

As an Austinite I loved receiving the hat and it not only looks cute on it’s very comfortable. All my fellow Austinites will definitely see me sporting the 512/ ATX hat around Townlake and SXSW 2018 showing off my ATX love. I am a huge fan of volunteering and donating and LOVE companies that give back to the communities or to charities. I suggest checking out (code)word hat for yourself or as a holiday gift. What’s better than shopping and also giving back to the community?

If you would like to shop their collection that include designs with different cities area codes or city names please visit: https://codewordhats.com/collections. Their hats start at $35.00, comes with this cute cloth bag and you get free shipping on orders over $49.00. 

For more information about (code)word hats please visit: https://codewordhats.com/.


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