SXSW 2018 Trend Predictions, Tech Startup Spotlight and Weekly Update

Source: SXSW

This week SXSW announced their trend predictions for SXSW 2018 that will have the most buzz. Here are the trends predictions directly from the SXSW staff.

  • The Blockchain Rises. This technology is quickly becoming the go-to platform for sectors as diverse as smart contracts, identity, the Internet of Things, and digital rights management.
  • Convergence is Everywhere. From artists to engineers to investors, tomorrow’s creative class will work together in ways never before possible — or imaginable.
  • Empowerment, Inclusion and Activism in Business and the Arts. More and more voices are organizing and rising up in support of a just and inclusive society.
  • Ethical Design. As we move towards a post-device era, we are beginning to see the longer-term social and psychological effects our devices, apps and AI have had.
  • Frontline Cities. The roles and responsibilities of cities are evolving in response to a more connected, more tumultuous world.
  • Hacking Health and Our Bodies. Data from our devices and deeper understandings of the matter we are made from is leading to a new era in healthcare.
  • Music Revenue and the Power of the Playlist. How does the music industry change as income from sales and streaming is finally trending upwards after years of sluggish numbers?
  • New Media Companies Breaking into Film and TV. What happens to traditional content as new media companies including Apple, Facebook, Buzzfeed bring their talents to this industry?
  • The Omnipresent AI. From self-driving vehicles to robotic assistants, the future of intelligent machines is both bright and concerning as we head into uncharted waters.
  • The Rapid Rise of Short Form Documentary Content. Audiences are hungry for more and more well-produced short-form documentary content. Where does it go next?
  • Startups in the Age of the Big Four Tech Giants. Entrepreneurs and founders who are developing the next big thing continue to be a key part of the SXSW experience.
  • The VR Market Matures. Production technology and standards continue to increase rapidly as virtual reality edges closer and closer to mainstream adoption.

Tech Startup Spotlight

SXSW Tech Startup Spotlights are casual exhibitions that brings 20 of the promising startups together in a reception setting. During the Tech Startup Spotlight companies get to pitch their business and participants are encouraged to provide demos and showcase their innovations.  Apply for the Tech Startup Spotlight on their site located here:

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Source: SXSW