Augmented Reality Turns American Cities into Live MONOPOLY Gameboards to Help People Grow Their Fortune

Most of us have played the Monopoly board game and maybe even the McDonald’s Monopoly contest but Augmented Reality is taking the game a step further! As of October 19th through October 28th, Ally Financial is launching Ally + MONOPOLY, turning six U.S. (New York, Detroit, Chicago, Charlotte, Dallas and Seattle) cities into a live board game via markerless AR to promote financial literacy in a fun and engaging way.  Just go to and you will get right into the game.

The real-life game is best played on a smartphone in portrait orientation, during daylight hours. Be sure to check that your operating software is up to date and location services are enabled for your browser! Please note, there are also clues on the site to help you get started in all 6 of the cities.

Here’s how to get started:

  • Find the ally and Monopoly squares in your city.
  • Follow directions on the square.
  • Watch Mr. Monopoly come to life.
  • Enter to win daily and grand prizes.
  • Find more squares to keep playing.

Ally + MONOPOLY’s AR game was created by 8th Wall’s WebAR solution, currently the only technology to make it possible for markerless, interactive AR content to run in a mobile browser – giving Ally + MONOPOLY players instant access to immersive media as easily as they would view a photo or video, without requiring players to download an app.  Players can visit to launch the game.

Over-sized MONOPOLY tokens and property spaces create a real-world, AR scavenger hunt in six major cities. Players age 18+ can use their smartphones and Ally + MONOPOLY’s unique AR functions during daylight hours to experience Mr. MONOPOLY come to life as part of the game for a chance to win a variety of prizes totaling $1 million.

Other prizes include:

  • Grand prizes of $50k
  • Jeep® Wrangler
  • Over 1500 daily prizes
  • $200 and $500 cash prizes
  • Mystery chance prizes

In addition, Ally + MONOPOLY includes a Community Chest square, where players can raise money for their local Junior Achievement chapter just by landing on it.

Players can also play online if your city isn’t one of the six listed! Just visit here to get started online:

To  learn more about Ally please visit:


Source: Ally