Jason Hyde Launches Sustainable “Upcycled Fashion” Holiday Campaign

Jason Hyde (JH), a sustainable fashion brand, has just announced the launch of its ethical fashion holiday campaign to promote sustainability and to protect the environment. The “Upcycled Fashion” campaign encourages fans and sustainability enthusiasts to stand up to save the planet and to use and incorporate recycled materials in their lifestyle as well as upcycling. Jason Hyde calls all ethical fashion fans and followers to join the campaign by sharing on social media their experiences being sustainable.

Photos and videos shared by fans, bloggers, influencers and ambassadors will be shown on Jason Hyde’s Instagram and Facebook @jasonhydeworld using and promoting the hashtags #Iamupcycled and #handsupfortheplanet

Jason Hyde is a fashion brand offering up-cycled eco-watches that are beautiful, organic, environmentally friendly, and sustainable. The watch bands are 100% recycled and are made with a sophisticated blend of environmentally friendly materials including wool, paper, recycled plastic, and cork. 

These materials are sourced globally and chosen from reputable and responsible suppliers that share Jason Hyde’s mission to be sustainable and environmentally responsible. As part of the commitment to transparency, Jason Hyde suppliers are listed at www.jasonhyde.com.

Jason Hyde established its headquarters in Miami in 2018, one of the most influential design districts in the world. With the purpose of introducing time in a sustainable yet fashionable way, Jason Hyde disrupted the accessory industry by eliminating harmful materials and welcoming a new era of eco-friendly components. Jason Hyde managed to use our world’s waste and transform it into brand-new fashionable accessories.

Jason Hyde was created for those who are passionate about the environment and choose to support Mother Nature every day while embracing stylish yet sustainable jewelry and watches.

For more information visit www.jasonhyde.com.