ATX Television Festival Returns Virtually for Season 10

The ATX Television Festival, an annual event that celebrates the television medium, will be returning for its 10th season virtually from June 11 – 20, 2021. The annual live event that takes place in Austin usually last only 4 day but to celebrate 10 seasons of the festival and due to it being virtual they expanded Season 10 to ten full days. In its 10th Season, ATX Television Festival will showcase TV’s past, current, and upcoming series through screening Q&As and panel discussions.

ATX Television Festival programming ranges from never picked up pilots, reunions, current series going into a new season, to premiering content from upfronts, summer, or online. Panel discussions can be 1:1 conversations, featuring a single show, or are focused on a topic that pulls professionals from a variety of shows and features such topics as the ratings system, series finales, and testing/focus groups.

And with a 50/50 split between fans and industry, ATX Television Festival is a unique festival event that stems from a true celebration of the medium. More about the programming can be found here:

With their new expanded Season 10 dates, they also announced their first-ever Virtual Membership Program which allows you exclusive access to events and programming happening all year long! Check out the details here.

There are three different types of ATX Television Festival registration:

  • FESTIVAL BADGE: Festival Badge gives you access to ten (10) days of programming with a variety of screenings, panels, roundtable discussions, interstitial content, special events, and more.
  • DAY PASS: Day Passes get you access to a specific day’s panels and screenings.
  • SINGLE TICKETS: Single Tickets will be available for select events and are a great option for those who aren’t able to attend the festival for a whole day. More information coming soon!

To register please visit:

With ten days versus the normal four days, the ATX Television Festival will be full of something for everyone. To learn more please visit:


Source: ATX Television Festival