ANKKORO® Smartband with Emotion Sense™ Technology Launched on Kickstarter

What if your gaming experience now gave you the possibility to react and interact emotionally with a character or a certain scenario within the game? For instance, the game now senses if you have empathy for a character and if you feel like you either want to help or kill it. That would definitely change the way to the world interacts with games in the near future.

We aren’t too far off from that, in fact, the future may just be here with the ANKKORO® smartband. The ANKKORO® is an innovative smartband that adds the new dimension of emotion to video games. One may ask how this is possible and some would be a skeptic and ask “does this really work?” In order to explain how this new technology works that may come to market I am using direct cites from the company to explain the engineering behind the ANKKORO® smartband.

“Developed by IRONOVA the ANKKORO® smartband uses Emotion Sense™ to detect emotion and analyze technology for the development of the user’s gaming experience. The Emotion Sense™ patented technology makes it possible to precisely classify an emotional state by using biosignals emitted by the human body. They are collected by a new biosensor generation to be processed and analyzed using machine-learning and deep-learning methods to create algorithms. Some signals like PPG signal (Heart Rate sensor) requires a specific and unseen denoising algorithm, especially regarding gaming situations and movements.”

“The Emotion Sense® technology analyzes and combines bio-signals in real time to qualify the wearer’s emotional state in real time (stress, fear, joy, relaxation, boredom). This state depends on the level of pleasure or displeasure, as well as the degree of physiological arousal. The technology allows real-time display on any machine by a dedicated overlay that illustrates user’s emotional state and its intensity in order to share information.”

“Gamers’ physical conditions and emotional states will be put forward by a graphic identity that would serve as an indicator that was designed by our designers to be totally intuitive and ergonomic.

This overlay transposes and displays your emotional state and all the component data:

  • Heart Rate
  • Galvanic Skin Response
  • Skin Temperature
  • Accelerometer

They add a factor and an involvement degree for the players as well as for the audience. This Overlay allows us to deduce numerous statistics in order to analyze game practice sequences in detail, game mechanism from an emotional aspect.”

If your mind isn’t blown or confused like I was at first on how all this technology comes together there is still one more component of the ANKKORO® experience to add, the Dock station! In order to game with the ANKKORO® smartband gaming on your MAC or PC the dock station is needed for display use and algorithm computing. It has a sleek design and in the future it will also interact with gaming consoles I am told.

Using the docking station you also have a different way to stream using the twitch extension that will add your emotional state during the game in real time on all your videos. The dock station will then capture the video output of your game platform and become a real streaming device.

With only $10,177 pledged towards the $100,000 goal and 14 days to go, I urge gamers who want to see this new technology come to market back their Kickstarter campaign. Their Kickstarter campaign EARLY BIRD ANKKORO STARTER PACK starts at $106.00 and includes: 1 ANKKORO Smartband, 1 Dockstation, 2 emotional accounts and access to their platform so that you can share your smartband with someone else, and downloadable link of IRONOVA games: Coolspy, Berserk’s Warth, Space’s horror. To back their Kickstarter campaign please visit: For more information about ANKKORO® please visit:


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