3dRudder; The Foot-Powered Motion Controller to Launch for PlayStation® VR on September 4th

The much-anticipated 3dRudder, the officially licensed PlayStation®VR foot-powered motion controller, will launch in the United States and Canada on September 4th. 3dRudder, is a foot-powered movement controller, providing the most natural way to move in 2D, 3D and VR environments.  The 3dRudder promises to increase the VR experience with more than 35 PS VR games, with many more to come by the end of the year.

The 3dRudder was designed to provide a more natural motion experience in VR games. The foot-powered controller grants players free locomotion in compatible games from the comfort of their couch, including smooth rotation and the ability to orbit around an object, with accuracy and speed control. Transferring motion controls to the feet frees up the hands to focus on actions, making it possible to intuitively move and interact at the same time. The Ultimate Immersion Enhancer With its foot-powered controls and 360° locomotion system, the 3dRudder provides a whole new gaming experience on PS VR.

Plug & Play Playing compatible PlayStation®VR games with the 3dRudder is done on a Plug & Play basis. All the player has to do is connect the USB cable of the 3dRudder to their PlayStation®4 system. The 3dRudder is automatically enabled in the supporting games and playable in combination with official PlayStation controllers such as the DUALSHOCK®4 wireless controllers, PlayStation®Move motion controllers or the PlayStation®VR Aim controller, depending on the gameplay.

3dRudder Features on PlayStation®VR:

  • Free locomotion and motion controls in compatible games
  • Frees up the hands to focus on action
  • Compatible with the PlayStation®VR system, DUALSHOCK®4 wireless controllers, PlayStation®Move motion controllers, PlayStation®VR Aim Controller

Game Compatibility

Among the 35 PS VR games compatible with the 3dRudder are titles such as:

  • Sairento VR
  • Scraper VR: First Strike
  • Firewall Zero Hour
  • Space Junkies
  • Immortal Legacy: The Jade Cypher
  • Cool Paint VR
  • Beast Blaster
  • Telefrag VR
  • Xing
  • Honor and Duty: D-Day
  • The Wizards Enhanced Edition
  • Mage’s Tale
  • Mind Labyrinth
  • Intruders Hide and Seek
  • Bow to Blood
  • Ultrawings
  • Pirate Flight
  • Red Matter
  • Trainer VR
  • Vertigo-Home
  • Operation Warcade
  • Proze
  • Transpose
  • Undead Citadel (2020)
  • Contagion VR (2019)

An updated list, with dates of release, can be found here: https://www.3drudder.com/psvr-games-compatible-with-the-3drudder-foot-motion-controller/.

Starting September 4th, 3dRudder for PlayStation®VR is available to purchase at the 3dRudder Official Store for $119 USD / $159 CAD located at www.3drudder.com. The 3dRudder will also be available on Amazon.com, Walmart.com, as well as at Fry’s Electronics, Micro Center, and B&H New York NY for the US, and at Canada Computers for Canada.