Uber Eats to Provide SXSW 2019 Festival Goers Three New Dining Options

Staying nourished during SXSW can be a challenge when lines are long, you’re walking from event to event and the jam packed restaurants surrounding the Austin Convention Center. Thankfully this year Uber Eats is making it easy to stay fed by teaming up with some of Austin’s best restaurants and national favorites to transform the festival’s culinary experience. Starting March 8th Uber Eats will host a series of innovative food and entertainment experiences. Uber Eats will provide these three options during the SXSW festival Uber Eats Drops, Uber Eats Window and Uber Eats House.

Uber Eats Drops

Festival-goers in line for sessions at SXSW may soon find waiting a lot more enjoyable. Uber Eats brand ambassadors will be on the scene for those foodmergencies with surprise drops, featuring the best bites and beverages from our restaurant partners around Austin, and beyond.

Uber Eats Window

Situated on the busiest street at SXSW, the Uber Eats Window offers access to the tastiest treats from your favorite restaurants, near and far. This drive-thru style experience is located at 600 E 6th Street and open throughout the festival, starting at 12pm daily. You can check the Uber Eats app throughout the day to see what’s on the menu. Also check the app throughout the day to see what free grab n’ go goodies they have during SXSW!

Uber Eats House

Uber Eats is cooking up one-of-a-kind, live culinary experiences infused with performances from your favorite musicians. Located at 612 W 4th St, the Uber Eats House will host five unforgettable nights, from 3/12-3/16. Come enjoy some of the most iconic restaurants, chefs and musicians in the game with us.

For previous Uber Eats customers ordering during SXSW is easy just by using the Uber Eats App. The Uber Eats App is available at the Apple Store here: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/uber/id1058959277?mt=8. For new users all you need to do is download the app and sign up.

I’m looking forward to using Uber Eats while at SXSW. I learned the hard way if you don’t hydrate and eat during SXSW 2019 the outcome could be fatal. Word to the wise to SXSW attendees keep hydrated, stay nourished and take breaks during the vast amount of walking you will be doing going from event to event.

To learn more about this new and much needed addition to the SXSW experience with Uber Eats please visit: https://about.ubereats.com/en/sxsw/.


Source: Uber Eats, SXSW