TRU LUV’s #SelfCare: The Interactive Game Approach to Meditation

One of the newest app trends focuses on self-meditation with apps like Calm and Headspace. One of the newest meditation apps, created by TRU LUV, is #SelfCare. This week TRU LUV released the #SelfCare app which is their latest digital companion that takes an interactive game approach to meditation.

The #SelfCare app explores the calming benefits of staying in bed all day and suppose to bring you back to a state that allows you to return your focus to what matters most. The app has a “virtual bedroom” that is surrounded by your favorite calming things. In the virtual bedroom, you can select calming tasks that generate simple satisfaction and uncomplicated harmony. Awaken your slumbering cat and give it some deserved affection, sort your laundry by color, indulge in a tarot card reading, or nurture your favorite plant. 

#SelfCare is an antidote to a stressful world and a phone full of bad news, FOMO, and more stress,” say co-creators Brie Code and Eve Thomas. “For 3-5 minutes you can escape to a calm and soothing room, do some relaxing, meditative tasks, and return to your life refreshed and ready to face your stresses.”

I decided to test out the #SelfCare app to see what all the buzz was about and if it is truly effective. I started in the virtual bedroom and then went into some breathing exercise with the app. The breathing exercise is designed to calm your breathing for as long as you want.  I also played with the sorting laundry task where you really do have to focus to sort. I did pretty well, it starts with 2 rows of clothes and after you complete that the rows increase to three.

There are a few tasks or options with #Selfcare App I don’t understand yet since it’s still new to me but so far it’s been interesting testing out this app. With the #SelfCare app the more time you spend on yourself, the more self-care techniques are unlocked for a deeper and more impactful practice. The #SelfCare app is featured in the Apple store and can be downloaded here:

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Source: TRU LUV #SelfCare