Austin-Based Installs Texas’ First Apple HomeKit Model Home in New Braunfels, Texas

Today, Central Texas’ premier smart home provider in new home construction and existing homes, designed and implemented Texas’ first AppleHomeKit model home with StoneCreek Custom Homes. The custom home, now open to the public Mon. – Sun. 10 a.m. to 6 p.m., is located at 1225 Vintage Way, New Braunfels, TX 78132.

For those that aren’t Texas natives New Braunfels is about an hour south of Austin, Texas. Austin has been the main focus of future start-ups and technology companies so this is no surprise would launch their first AppleHomeKit close by. Currently, is the only smart home installer in the United States to provide cross-platform solutions compatible with Apple HomeKit, Google Home, Amazon Alexa, SmartThings and Wink. offers a complete solution to smart products that work together simply. No need to worry about monthly subscriptions, expensive contracts, or difficulty calling for support.

Let’s get to the facts, what is so great about buying a smart home technology already installed? Several questions come to mind but specifically upgrades; what happens 5 years down the road is your smart home technology is obsolete or outdated? CEO, Sunny Sneckner, has stated “This is a wise long-term investment, cost-effective and eco-friendly; it delivers an immediate benefit to the homeowner. I am excited to share how easy and simple our technology is to use.”

Per, the experience starts with a Core Hybrid System of lights, locks and thermostats, and builds each home “open,” allowing for additional smart home features to be added at any time in the future. Products are carefully curated and sold based on quality and through trusted companies sustaining a strong roadmap of the future. Working directly with builders, ensures everything gets installed and key products are ready before customers move in. Homeowners save money by reducing energy and water usage, gain time in the day with automated workflows, thrive in overall security, and can roll the price of the smart home technology into their mortgage.

I’m personally looking into buying a new home and the question still remains the same for me; should I build a smart home or install smart technology after the fact. I suppose time will tell.

If you’re curious about building a “smart home” interested builders and homeowners can schedule a personal smart home consultation by appointment and folks are welcome to join the CEO for a free Q&A every month. The date and location will be posted on the event page. Please register to book your slot.

For more information on and to schedule an appointment with Sneckner, please visit: