The Zipnostic TeleHeath App: Providing Remote Diagnosis and Healthcare at Home in Under an Hour

Just launched, the Zipnostic app is the next generation in digital healthcare, providing remote diagnosis at home via an innovative solution to a logistical problem. Zipnostic allows users to receive at-home visits 24/7, within one hour if needed. Medical professionals bring a proprietary, portable, hospital-grade, ‘diagnostic toolbox’ into the home, and work in real time with a remotely located medical provider to address the patients’ needs.

Not only does the app bring healthcare to you it’s without the big bills patients would pay in the Emergency Room. Zipnostic’s interface allows users to schedule an in-home appointment at their convenience, input a preliminary description of symptoms, and then receive quality healthcare at home via top medical professionals. Wellness visits are available as well.

How the Zipnostic App works:

Step 1: Create an account and then sign in to Zipnostic any time, day or night, including weekends, holidays or on short notice. Then select yourself or your loved one as the patient.
Step 2: Tell us what’s wrong and select an appointment date and time. If location, plans or needs change, the appointment can, too.
Step 3: Receive quality care — at your convenience. Medical professionals bring hospital-grade equipment to you, and work in real-time with a remotely located health care provider to address your needs.

Zipnostic is the first-ever telehealth company and only such company with remote exam technology brought to each patient’s home or workplace by local, specially trained onsite care coordinators. Using the breakthrough ‘magic box’ (examination equipment enclosed in a patented, FDA-registered kit,) doctors are able to interact with the patient visually and in real time, assess the situation, provide remote diagnosis and prescribe medication if necessary.  

What is in the Magic Box?

  • A user-friendly web-based platform with an integrated video/audio conference connection enabling remote real-time exams plus an option to store the information electronically for future diagnostic/therapeutic use. The system is easy to navigate.
  • Proprietary software we have developed to activate and operate all of the medical tools
  • A unique USB3.0 camera for general, oral, dermatological and otoscopic exams. Our camera features ultra-high resolution, no compression and no color distortion.
  • A one-of-a-kind system for pulmonary, cardiac and abdominal auscultation.
  • A touch-screen-activated separate file for post-exam analysis. The process can be fully guided by a remotely located medical specialist.
  • An ultrasound component that, in addition to its direct purpose, can also be used as an alternative to palpation.
  • State-of-the-art testing equipment, including a 12 lead hospital grade EKG, glucometer, blood pressure monitor, and oximeter, spirometer and other state-of-the-art equipment. A digital-format cloud-storage option enables efficient patient monitoring. All files are readily accessible for the doctor at any point in time, regardless of the size and format.  

Zipnostic is a free download for iOS and Android. The pilot program is now active on the Upper West Side, Hudson Yards, Hell’s Kitchen and Chelsea neighborhoods of Manhattan. A special $50-per-visit back-to-school promotion will be underway from August 1 through September 5. If your child returns from camp and needs to be looked at by a doctor, Zipnostic can coordinate a visit in the comfort of your home, at an affordable rate that’s significantly lower than a typical urgent care or ER visit.

Visit <>  for more information or to get started if you live in the currently active areas in Manhattan.


Source: Zipnostic