Truepill Introduces New Virtual Primary Care Offerings

Going to the doctor’s office, while still in a pandemic, is something people are either avoiding or afraid to go to in person. Today, Truepill, the digital health platform, announced the launch of the Virtual Primary Care offering, providing a network of primary care physicians with coverage in all fifty states.

Truepill has rapidly expanded the program and is now facilitating up to 50,000 telehealth visits per week, since the start of the pilot programs with primary care physicians in 2020. Using Truepill’s API-driven healthcare infrastructure, customers can create an end-to-end process for patients, adding a slew of features to meet their needs.

Virtual Primary Care Offering Features Include:

  • Primary Care Provider Selection – Patients can choose a PCP and continue with that physician for all scheduled visits in the future, giving patients consistency and empowering physicians to work with patients long-term on preventative care and chronic condition management.
  • Video and Chat – Truepill offers video features for consultations or appointments, as well as asynchronous chat capabilities, allowing physicians and patients to communicate on their own schedules.
  • Urgent Visits – Patients can book an urgent visit 24/7, ensuring that visits to the ER or urgent care are limited, therefore cutting down on expensive costs.
  • Care Team and Navigation – Support specialists are available around the clock for patient support; when referrals are needed, a coordinator will help connect patients to a network of in-person specialists.
  • Patient Portal – Truepill offers a custom patient portal with easy-to-use technology to ensure an outstanding patient experience and help patients easily find in-network care.

With today’s launch, Truepill is now also delivering high-quality telehealth by primary care physicians to two of the largest payers in the United States. Customers leveraging Truepill’s virtual primary care offering can also seamlessly integrate with the company’s diagnostics and pharmacy fulfillment capabilities.

The Truepill diagnostics platform offers a nationwide network of CLIA-certified labs, enabling access to over 3,000 at-home or in-person lab tests; while Truepill’s pharmacy infrastructure has the capacity to fulfill 100,000 daily prescriptions with robust nationwide payer coverage. With this unique three-pronged approach, Truepill is powering end-to-end, accessible consumer health experiences.

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Source: Truepill