The World’s Smallest LIVE Camera “Cloud Eye” Unboxing


I received the Cloud Eye Live Camera recently to review which is the world’s smallest live camera to date at 1.5×1.5×3.5cm and only weighs 20g. The Cloud Eye Live Camera has self-contained WIFI so users can record live at any time & anywhere. The Cloud Eye Live Camera has 2 Megapixel Optical Glass Lens that makes picture recording in High-definition and high-speed. The Point-to-point Connection of the Cloud Eye Live Camera allows users to connect to their phone directly through its self-contained WiFi at a 40m signal range in an open field.

Another interesting feature of the Cloud Eye Live Camera is that it is also a wireless endoscopic vibrator. The vibrator with an endoscopic camera can be used to explore the G-spot or to check your body for the risk of gynecology diseases and understand your own body comprehensively.

When unboxing the Cloud Eye Live Camera users will see the camera and once you pull the tab you will see the charging cable and instructions. Everything seemed easy enough when I read through the instructions but I ran into a few problems.

Per Cloud Eye’s site it takes just one click to upload the app so that you can upload any pictures or videos and publish them on YouTube, Facebook, twitter and other social media immediately. I struggled with this because the App was not working on my iPhone. I downloaded the App and thought I was good to go and then when I went to register to start using the camera I was at a standstill. It was a constant loop of sending me a varication code via email that never would show up. I checked all my inboxes and text and no code was ever sent, therefore I can’t give you guys’ insight on how the camera works at this time.

I believe the Cloud Eye Live Camera is a great concept but it seems to still be in beta mode which means there will be glitches or for me no verification code sent to activate the app. Users of the Cloud Eye can’t use it without the app so this a major fall back of this product.

They will be launching their Indiegogo campaign for funding soon and to view their campaign click here. The starting price for the Cloud Eye Live Camera packages via Indiegogo is at $59.00.

Hopefully in the near future I will be able to give you a full product review of the Cloud Eye Live Camera once their App issue is fixed.