The Sharper Image and Quirky Toy & Game Challenge

Sharper Image has always had innovative technology products and sometimes you ask yourself “Who invented this product?” Now you could be an inventor with the Sharper Image and Quirky Toy & Game Challenge.

Recently launched Sharper Image partnered with Quirky to create the Sharper Image and Quirky Toy & Game Challenge. Participants have 4 weeks to concept, develop, design and submit their ideas. You can work alone or tap into the community before the challenge ends on November 18th. Both companies will review all the ideas and choose a winning idea to make into a product.

How to Submit an Invention:

First, you must create an account or you can use your Facebook account to log in. To submit an invention, go to and click “Submit an invention.” Next, select the following CATEGORY and SUBCATEGORY, and continue to complete all steps in the process to enter the challenge. There are plenty of others that need help. Head on over to the Dashboard and look at the “Needs my help” tab to join other Quirkster projects. If the idea is chosen and brought to market, you’ll share in their royalties.

Below are ideas to consider the following when creating your submission:

  • Everyone loves lights & sounds!
  • It should make a great gift.
  • Can be played all year round.
  • The more features the better!
  • It’s for FUN (not just collecting).
  • Must be able to be played indoors.
  • No smart home products.
  • How can AR transform classic games like stacking blocks?
  • What if dice hovered as they were rolled?
  • Could we enhance our favorite toys & games to include STEM?
  • How might sensors (voice, touch, movement) create a more enjoyable ping pong match?

Please note if your idea was submitted to a different category/subcategory, you may submit your challenge idea to Quirky manually by completing this form. For more information or to submit an idea please visit:


Source: Sharper Image, Quirky