The 2022 Modern Nirvana Summit Sponsored by Leela Quantum Returns to Austin

Sponsored by Leela Quantum Tech, the Modern Nirvana Summit is back in Austin, Texas on Sept 23, 2022, at the Palmer Event’s Center. During this year’s Modern Nirvana’s annual summit Founders Kat Graham, Bryant Wood, and Frank Elaridi will explore the latest innovations in biohacking and consciousness. Additionally, the summit will honor Sri Sri Ravi Shankar (Art of Living)

At the Modern Nirvana Summit, you have the opportunity to partake in guided meditation and breath work sessions from the best in the field. Also, the event allows you to build community and network with like-minded individuals, test products from a variety of cutting-edge exhibitors from pulse revolutionary technology and infrared lights to alchemical elixirs and organic hair and skincare!

Alongside the speaker series there will be incredible talks led by experts from a variety of backgrounds (see, live energetic healings from highly sought-after gurus and a chance to work with typically booked-out healers, as well as special gifts and classes you won’t find anywhere else. Guests can enjoy powerful activations with Modern Nirvana’s Co-Founders including a revolutionary class with Breathwork Master Bryant Ikar Wood, an energizing movement dance activity led by Kat Graham, and emotional trauma clearing with Frank Elaridi. Also SHIVARASA, DJ / Producer / Sound Healer will bring sounds to the summit.

As pioneers in natural health innovation, sponsor Leela Quantum Tech combines science and quantum energy healing into elegant & simple-to-use products optimized for daily use. The Leela Quantum Tech® products for the human body can improve your health and increase your fitness level, while having a positive impact on your mind and thoughts.

Whether you want to improve your sports performance, become more effective at work or focus more in class, Leela Quantum Tech has the right product for you. From fashion and jewelry to their energy capsules and credit card-sized cards, our advanced frequency technology allows an almost limitless selection of objects to be charged with the beneficial power and healing effects of quantum energy.

Tickets for the Modern Nirvana Summit start at $250 here: To learn more about the summit please visit: To learn more about Leela Quantum Tech please visit:


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