Boogie Board Launches Thinnest LCD Screen in the World

Just in time for back to school, Boogie Board, the clean writing technology solutions brand, has launched the newest addition to their Versa line of products, the VersaNotes.  Using never-before-seen adaptive clean writing technology, VersaNotes is the thinnest LCD screen in the world.

Boogie Board’s latest advancements in its clean writing technology now allows their reusable writing and creativity products to be more adaptive to the consumers’ environments, mimicking the feel and flexibility of paper with all the benefits of the clean writing technology, which eliminates mess, clutter and wasted space.

The first of these new adaptive, clean writing technology solutions is the VersaNotes, a set of three reusable, magnetic sticky notes that can be used for the home and office. VersaNotes offers a quick and easy solution to the all-too-common problem of clutter in our homes and offices these days as it reduces the need for paper or messy dry erase boards and keeps your space organized and stress-free.

The VersaNotes come in packs of three in 4” x 4” or 4” x 6”, with each note made with a flexible display that mimics the feel of paper. To write, use the included VersaPen stylus or anything you have handy. The stylus unlocks the QuickClear erasing technology by tapping the eraser end to the corner of the note. The note will instantly clear itself, leaving the surface as clean as the first time you used it. The corner of each VersaNotes sticky note includes a built-in magnet, which allows stacking of the reusable notes or displaying them on a magnetic surface.

Additional VersaNotes highlights include:

  • Packs come in three vibrant colors (blue, orange, and pink) for color coordinating
  • Magnetic VersaPen stylus included in each pack
  • Prices $24.99 for pack of three 4×4 VersaNotes and $29.99 for pack of three 4×6 VersaNotes
  • Additional storage and display accessories will also be available.

The VersaNotes joins the VersaBoard, a rectangular reusable notepad with a maximized note-taking surface that can be displayed in both portrait and landscape mode or mounted on magnetic surfaces, as well as the VersaTiles, a square memo board perfect for college students and professionals.

VersaNotes is now available at and will be available at other major retailers in the coming months.

About Boogie Board:

For more than a decade, Boogie Board has been developing enhanced analog solutions that have disrupted the writing space with its innovative clean writing technology, which uses patented liquid crystal technology and an innovative roll-to-roll manufacturing method. In 2009, Boogie Board launched the first reusable writing tablet using clean writing technology. Boogie Board then expanded its product offering to kids’ toys and activities along with an expanded line of home and office products—selling millions of reusable writing and creativity products in 40 countries worldwide. Boogie Board is owned by Kent Displays, the global leader in reflective bistable cholesteric liquid crystal display technology and inventors of clean writing technology.


Source: Boogie Board