Los Angeles Rideshare Strike & National Day of Action Events

We are currently in mid-day of the May 8th Los Angeles Rideshare Strike & National Day of Action. Below is the remaining schedule of events during the strike going on in LA.

  • 1 PM – 6 PM: PM Picket Shift at Departure Level (Shuttle Stop 2)
  • 7 PM – Midnight: Last Picket Shift at Departure Level (Shuttle Stop 2)
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Ride|Austin Launches “Female Driver Mode” Feature Just in Time For SXSW 2019

While you are in Austin and attending SX besides Uber or Lyft why not try an Austin local ride sharing company that gives back to Austin non-profits? Ride|Austin just announced their new “Female Driver Mode” feature that is designed for female riders who feel more comfortable with a female driver. One may not understand why this feature is needed but I certainly do!

While at South By Southwest 2019 I had a male Uber driver verbally accost me and wouldn’t let me out of the car once stating I didn’t feel safe. The Uber app wasn’t working to end my ride since I was downtown near the convention center and service is always slow during SXSW. As an Austin local, I regret my decision to not book Ride|Austin instead.

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Uber Eats to Provide SXSW 2019 Festival Goers Three New Dining Options

Staying nourished during SXSW can be a challenge when lines are long, you’re walking from event to event and the jam packed restaurants surrounding the Austin Convention Center. Thankfully this year Uber Eats is making it easy to stay fed by teaming up with some of Austin’s best restaurants and national favorites to transform the festival’s culinary experience. Starting March 8th Uber Eats will host a series of innovative food and entertainment experiences. Uber Eats will provide these three options during the SXSW festival Uber Eats Drops, Uber Eats Window and Uber Eats House.

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City of Austin Announces City Plans for Dockless Scooters and Bike Transportation for 2019 Spring Festival Season

Over the last year dockless scooters have been a major mode of transportation in Austin especially for students or those that live downtown and now for SXSW 2019. For the very first time South by Southwest (SXSW) conference and spring festival attendees will have the opportunity to utilize the dockless scooters and bikes but there are limits to where people can ride them. According to the city’s Mobility Committee, there are 7 licensed dockless scooter operators that include BirdLimeLyft, and Jump (Uber), Spin, and student-oriented VeoRide.

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Uber’s JUMP Chooses Austin as Their Second City to Launch Their New 10 City Dockless Electric Scooter Initiative

The dockless electric scooter business in Austin has mostly been by BIRD or LIME and has taken the traffic-ridden city by storm with this alternative way to commute. As reported in my USA Herald, Uber’s JUMP recently launched their own dockless electric scooter starting with Santa Monica as the first city to test out their new services. It apparently went well as they have picked Austin as their second city to launch JUMP dockless electric scooters! Continue Reading →

Lyft And Uber to Offer Discounted and Free Rides on 2018 Mid-Term Election Day

Source: Uber

Mid-Term elections are right around the corner on November 6th and this is a critical election, one of the most, in US history. In order to make change within the current house, senate and congress we all must exercise our right to vote! Lyft and Uber want to get American’s to the polls for this election to vote. Continue Reading →

Personal Aircrafts And Air Shuttling Services Coming to Market in The Next Couple Years

The prediction of when will we migrate to flying cars has been somewhat of a mystery. Though many sources in the past have said by 2020 consumers will be able to purchase a flying car there are still issues with airspace traffic control, airport landing fees and storage costs. Recently there have been a few companies that have been testing their flying car prototypes with expectations of it coming to market for consumers sooner than you think. Below are some of the newest flying car innovations and developments that will be happening over the next few years. Continue Reading →

Uber Makes $5 Million Pledge to Prevent Sexual Assault and Domestic Violence

Source: Uber

Sexual assault, as we all know in the United States, is a hot topic currently and it continues to evolve into a much larger crisis by the day. To date one in five women and one in seventy-one men will be a victim of sexual assault in their lifetime according to the CDC. Twenty-four people per minute experience domestic violence and/or sexual assault in the United States which is more than 12 million people over the course of a year. Continue Reading →

The Blinq Ring: Fashionistas Answer to Wearable Technology

Wearable technology has become more fashionable with more technology features day by day. One of the newest to come to market is the high fashion Blinq ring which provides the same functionality you get from a smartwatch. Blinq ring just launched their Kickstarter Campaign with a goal of $25,000 with $27,051 already pledged and 25days to go. Their campaign is All or nothing meaning it will only be funded if it reaches its goal by Sun, November 5 2017 1:23 PM CST. Continue Reading →

RIDE|AUSTIN Hit The 2 Million Riders Mile Marker But Is It Enough To Stay Afloat In Austin?

In celebration of passing 2 million rides RIDE | AUSTIN hosted a scavenger hunt at marquee Austin locations starting ending Sunday June 25th at 9pm. 30 RIDE | AUSTIN t-shirts were hidden across the city – with ride credits ranging from $25-$250. In order to participate people needed to activate promo codes, take a picture with the  RIDE | AUSTIN t-shirt at the location they found it, and upload to their social media tagging  RIDE | AUSTIN and using #RAHUNT #2MRIDES.  Continue Reading →