Touchconsole – The Universal Gamepad for ALL Smartphones is Coming Soon

Touchconsole, the new universal ergonomic wireless gamepad with two touchpads that attaches on the back side of your smartphone, will launch on Kickstarter later this year. Currently, a large number of games played are on a smartphone with the game mechanics and aesthetics making a smartphone not as comfortable while gaming. Interestingly enough 30-50% of touchscreen surface is covered by gamer’s fingers and 53% of Android gamers are women which means there needs to be different aesthetic and ergonomics for the different gamers.

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img_9047Car problems, especially as we approach winter, is a huge inconvenience. Some people have AAA when they have car issues or their insurance offers that service but what about those who do not have either? Both services you have to pay for and depending on your budget some are a tad pricey.

I don’t drive regularly, I walk mostly every where however when I do drive I always have anxiety that my car will break down since it’s 4 years old and having some issues. Though I have insurance I don’t really have piece of mind when battling the rough road of Austin, Texas since I don’t know when they are coming to help me, on their way or progress on the repairs. Guess what, they now have an app for that!

SWEETWORXX is a new automotive app available for iOS and Android that offers a solution for car repair and maintenance including vehicle pickup and drop-off. Curently there are some apps on the market already that help connect your car with a repair shop, but no one currently offers complete service from start to finish, including selection of the right repair shop to suit your vehicle’s needs as well as vehicle pickup and delivery service.

Using the SWEETWORXX app allows you to schedule any car repair or maintenance service and one of their professional drivers will pick up your car, take it to a repair shop, get it fixed and bring it back to a destination of your choice fully ready to drive and covered by a 24 month/24,000 miles limited warranty. The entire process can be followed through status updates in the app. SWEETWORXX services includes everything from an oil change and tire rotation to a vehicle inspection and brake replacement. Continue Reading →

My 1st Review with Hi-Tech Chic: The myCharge Style Power Charger

good toteThis is my first post & product review of my own site called Hi-Tech chic. After 6 years of writing Cutegeek!!! Don’t worry I will still write for them.

I received the myCharge Style Power Charger a week or so. Though I featured it in my “Back to School” post on, I didn’t have enough time to do a full unboxing.

Then I first start un-boxing I had no idea what it was, sorry guys! The box was full of this crinkling paper strands with Glitter. OH Crap! I thought this is worse than foam peanuts. After I dug the product out it was a cute little tote. Curios to what’s was is in the tote, I opened it and inside it was the myCharge Style Power Charger with some extra goodies from my pals at myCharge. Continue Reading →