Touchconsole – The Universal Gamepad for ALL Smartphones is Coming Soon

Touchconsole, the new universal ergonomic wireless gamepad with two touchpads that attaches on the back side of your smartphone, will launch on Kickstarter later this year. Currently, a large number of games played are on a smartphone with the game mechanics and aesthetics making a smartphone not as comfortable while gaming. Interestingly enough 30-50% of touchscreen surface is covered by gamer’s fingers and 53% of Android gamers are women which means there needs to be different aesthetic and ergonomics for the different gamers.

Touchconsole is an ergonomic gamepad that is designed on the basis of theoretical and practical study of gamers’ experience and it`s main task is to give gamers maximum ease of handling and total control over the game process. The Touchconsole Gamepad has 2 sensor touchpads and 8 buttons that fits easily on the back of your Android or IOs smartphone. Touchconsole’s solution is to move the touchscreen surface to the smartphone back panel keeping the connection with the fingers.

Touchconsole’s key features include:

  • The screen is totally visible – no thumbs blocking the view! Now they are holding “gamepad+smarphone” structure and don’t shut off the screen
  • The smartphone is inserted directly into the gamepad – and this is the most ergonomic position. No hands fatigue and you can use 4 fingers simultaneously to control the touchscreen.
  • The cursor allows controlling the game process with pixel precision. Any Android smartphone knows this mode just out of the box.
  • The touchpad surface is divided into two circles, and moving your fingers there will correspond to joystick commands of a regular controller, with 8 real buttons.
  • The design philosophy is simple and comfortable. The user puts the gamepad in their jeans pocket and goes whenever they need.
  • To start playing they just insert the smartphone into the gamepad. Touchconsole works just out of the box.
  • The battery lasts for 20 hours.

Touchconsole’s Touchpad mode (experimental) is being developed and available only in Android smartphones now. No root or extra drivers is needed. After starting their App, you can operate with 1, 2 or 4 fingertips on the touchpads the same way as on the screen on your smartphone. Pushing the button is – recognized it as a touch/click at the same place on your smartphone`s screen. *NOTE Some game applications use unusual touch signatures for controls, for example games by Unity platform. This is all being tested.

The Touchconsole team is going to launch a Kickstarter campaign later this year that will give you a chance to pre-order the device. In fact, if you pre-order now on their site (push the button preorder) they will notify you about the official launch on Kickstarter. After the Kickstarter launch, the first thousand interested customers have the opportunity to buy the device for $99. This is 2/3 off the projected planning final cost. 

To learn more about Touchconsole or to preorder please visit:


Source: Touchconsole