Introducing gita; the Carrier Robot

gita™ is a hands-free carrier/ robot that balances on two large wheels, that accelerates and decelerates with the speed and distance of a person. In fact, gita can rotate in place as fast as a person with a zero turning radius. gita™ is Italian for short trip, pronounced jee-ta which explains the robot’s purpose to help you get from “point a” to “point b” while assisting you with your groceries or belongings. During CES 2020 at the Venetian Hotel, I had a demo of the gita and learned a bit more about the innovation behind the robot.

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ECOVAC Launches The WINBOT X Robot

The smart home industry continues to grow and new products seem to be launched daily. One of the newest technology just launched is ECOVAC’s WINBOT X. The WINBOT X is a smart, free-moving and cordless robot that sticks to your glass and has a 4-stage cleaning cycle. Continue Reading →

Sony’s aibo: The Newest Autonomous Entertainment Robot

The much anticipated Sony “aibo,” the autonomous entertainment robot, as of now is available for pre-order. How does the “aibo” work and what does it do? Continue Reading →

Silicon Valley Comic Con 2017 – The Age of the Geek

Silicon Valley’s Comic Con presented by Steve Wozniak is almost here starting on April 21st through the 23rd at the San Jose Convention Center. As usual there will be events all day at the convention center and surrounding SVCC including celebrity photo ops and autographs throughout the weekend. The schedule for SVCC is located here and for a full list of celebrities click here. Continue Reading →