Cutii, the World’s First Companion Robot for Seniors, Launches in the USA

Introduced back at CES 2017, as “Tech for a Better World,” Cutii by CareClever is the world’s first companion robot specifically designed to overcome social isolation and cognitive decline for seniors. After four years and a successful showing of the Cutii at the CES 2021, the fully-interactive robotic partner has launched in the U.S. marketplace.

Already deployed in senior living communities and individuals’ homes in France and now in the USA, Cutii removes all technology barriers through full voice interaction and unique movement. Users simply speak and Cutii responds and moves as needed. They can enjoy virtual visits from family and friends or can book one of the many available live activities specially adapted for seniors.

With a pandemic still in full swing, visiting loved ones in senior homes or in the hospital has proven a challenge. Cutii offers assistance when needed, notifying facility staff or a designated emergency contact or care facility staff, and also supports tele-health visits. Additionally, the concerned family can utilize Cutii to check in on a person. 

Cutii, a fully-automated live-in companion, is simple to operate. Once activated, the interface is 100% voice activated, allowing for two-way calling, text messaging even emergency notification. With its full lineup of live and real-time programming, seniors welcome the entertainment, education and lifestyle content. Cutii can also be configured to integrate with all smart home/IoT appliances.

Additionally, set-up is rather simple. The main elements are unboxing, connecting to the WiFi and having Cutii map out the room or space, on one level floor. 

Cutii has a telescopic neck for use while sitting as well as standing, adjustable to suit the user. So its height varies between 4’5” and 5’7”. The Cutii companion robot is able to follow a person independently. During a call with a family member or friend, s/he can use remote-control to move the robot around and see their senior better.

The Cutii companion robot must be connected via WiFi to an internet network in order to be able to use its services. For optimal call quality the company recommends the following connection methods: vdsl, fiber, 4G or 5G.

CareClever guarantees a minimum of three years with Cutii’s embedded battery, which can then be replaced. The company recommends charging overnight, and with greater usage, at midday as well. Cutii will drive to its base when it needs to be charged.

Cutii is currently deployed in several residential facilities in France, as well as a senior care facility in the U.S. There are 100 existing Cutii robots, and CareClever currently produces four robots a day – a number they can easily increase.

Cutii costs $6,000 inclusive which means free access to all activities, including live events. In addition, CareClever has a Cutii hotline that is always open. The company’s business plan envisions sales to facilities and organizations, as opposed to individuals.

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Source: CareClever