Hurricane Florence Relief Help and Donation Options

Hurricane Florence is hitting the east coast with over a million people having to be evacuated due to the storm which may be the largest the Carolina’s coast that has hit thus far. Hurricane Florence has been slowly formulating as it hits inland and the main concern now is major flooding and power outages!

Most of the Nation is wondering how we can help and the best way right now is donating; the last ALL the coasts need is to have people trying to drive over and help while possibly putting their lives in danger. That said below are some ways you can contribute to those going through the Hurricane Florence and continue to contribute to their hurricane and flooding relief efforts. Continue Reading →

White House Press Call to Preview the President’s Town Hall in Greensboro, North Carolina, the 1Million Project and My Brother’s Keeper Initiatives


Today I had the great privilege to join the White House Conference and the Sprint Foundation had an On-The-Record Press call to preview the President Obama’s Town Hall in Greensboro, North Carolina. The call also included new public and private sector commitments in support of the My Brother’s Keeper initiative and the 1Million Project initiative. The calls main speakers were Broderick Johnson, Assistant to the President and Chair of My Brother’s Keeper, Marcelo Claure, CEO of Sprint, Art Peck, CEO of Gap, Inc., and Wendell Davis, and MBK Durham.

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