Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals: Tech & Gadget Edition

This year Black Friday comes a little later in the month giving consumers less time to stock up on holiday gifts and benefit from the deals early. Though major companies like Amazon or Best Buy are already promoting deals before Thanksgiving there other companies kicking off their Black Friday deals on November 28th and 29th (the actual date). Similar to every year, below we have compiled a list of tech and gadget deals for Black Friday/ Cyber Monday from companies like Samsung to sites like Wellbots.

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Mother’s Day 2018 Gift Guide

If you haven’t shopped for Mother’s Day it’s this weekend! We know how hard it is to shop for Mom’s especially when there are so many gift options out there. For the Mother’s in your life, we created a great gift guide with different price points to help you get the perfect gift for the Mom in your life. Below are some options to give you a few Mother’s Day gift ideas. Continue Reading →

Valentine’s Day Gift Guide For Men and Women

Valentine’s Day is less than two weeks away! If you haven’t picked out a gift for the loved one in your life here are some great choices and deals of various prices for women and men. Continue Reading →

Back-To-School 2017 Product Guide

Back-to-School is fast approaching and parents or college students are already preparing for the school year. The first day of school is always one of the most important days of Back-To- School. I recall everyone on the first day of school looking dapper with their new clothes and showing off their new technology for the year.

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2017 Mother’s Day Annual Gift Guide

Mother’s Day is this weekend and you still have time to get something online for the mom in your life. This years Mother’s Day gift guide is a great blend of fashion and technology more so than previous years guides. It also includes low budget items as well as high-end products.

Below is our 2017 Mother’s Day annual guide with links and pricing:

Manuka Honey Lip Balm and Body Care Products from Pacific Resources International

Recently New Zealand Importer Pacific Resources International introduced their new Cruelty-Free  Manuka Honey Lip Balm made from all natural organic ingredients. Though this lip balm is an inexpensive gift if you pair it with the other body care Manuka honey products you will have a nice unique gift for moms that likes organic or natural products.  What makes the  Manuka Honey Body Care products unique is that the honey is from New Zealand and imported directly to the United States. To check out all their body care products or to purchase click here. Continue Reading →

Ripple: World’s First Wearable Support Network

Even in a world of social media and smartphones sometimes your personal safety is still at risk. In fact I think social media makes it easier to put yourself in danger especially if you are “checking in.” I own mace and a lipstick taser but that only goes so far especially if your alone at night in a parking garage. Today I learned about a new technology that you can wear instead of scrambling through your purse to find mace or the taser.

Ripple Network Technologies, Inc. announced today the launch of a Kickstarter campaign for a first-of-its-kind personal safety device and service, Ripple. Users have on-the-go, nationwide access to Tunstall’s professional monitoring team 24/7. Ripple users can discreetly signal their monitoring team for help with the click of a penny-sized Bluetooth wearable, designed by the creators of 360fly and Misfit Shine. Casey Pittock, President and CEO of Tunstall  Americas, stated, “We are excited to partner with Ripple to offer its customers a true solution to personal safety. Whether walking alone at night, meeting somebody new for the first time, facing immediate danger, or even traveling the country, Ripple’s device and service, utilizing Tunstall’s state-of-the-art response center, keep you one-click from the help you need.” Continue Reading →

Misfit’s New Smartwatch – The VAPOR

This year at CES Misfit unveiled the VAPOR Smartwatch and they ended up winning 6 CES awards as a result. The VAPOR Smartwatch is the newest addition to Misfit’s product line. I have been a huge fan of Misfit since their very first launch so I do get excited when they launch a new product. Continue Reading →

Last Minute Mother’s Day Gift Guide

As most of you know Mother’s day is this weekend; if you don’t know this is your reminder. If you haven’t bought a gift yet never fear there is still time to order something before the weekend.

To help you all out below is my last minute gift guide for Mother’s day 2016. I also included an international chart of Mother’s day dates at the bottom of this post.

Active Edge™ Sleep T-Shirt

Active Shirt

Whether she is a new mom or been a mom for a while good sleep is necessary to maintain sanity. The Active Edge™ Sleep T-Shirt is the perfect gift for the mom who needs to relax and rest. Active Edge™ Sleep T-Shirt Shirt is the first technology capable of infusing and embedding a recipe of electromagnetic frequencies into fabrics and other materials. The T-shirt is designed to help fight inflammation & pain, improve sleep & help the body. The Active Edge™ Sleep T-Shirt is priced at $64.99 and can be purchased here. Note they also offer overnight shipping and gift wrapping for an extra fee.

Light frame is a great site for personalized or unique gifts for the mom in your life. offers a variety of gifts for different price points to fit any ones budget. One of my favorites is the new Photo Accent Light picture frame which lights up your pictures. Personizing it is pretty simple, customers can upload their own photo and choose black- and-white or color on their site. If you order the gifts today promise delivery by or before Mother’s day. is also offering 25% off today with the promotion code SRCH25GP and free personalization.

Inspired Luxe Jewelry


Inspired Luxe offers different collections of hand-crafted jewelry from artisans around the world. By purchasing Inspired Luxe jewelry customers are helping support different artisans and brands that make a difference in the lives of others and in the communities where they are based. My favorite pieces are the Inspired Luxe Bangles which start at $89.00, the Cuba Collection Bracelet which goes for $250.00 and the Guidemore Runway Collection Frosted Three Strand Necklace which goes for $640.00. They currently only do 2 day USPS Priority shipping so if you are Interested in any of these I suggest purchasing them ASAP.



Recently Misfit announced their collaboration with Swarovski to design an activity tracker while still looking fabulous. Their newest lines are SWAROVSKI ACTIVITY CRYSTAL SLAKE SET which is $169.00 and SWAROVSKI ACTIVITY CRYSTAL VIO PENDANT SET which is $249.00. The fully faceted Swarovski Activity Crystal measures your daily activities and quality of sleep, and syncs wirelessly with your smartphone. They are running a special on their site for Mother’s day till May 8th where you will get 30% OFF by using this code: MISFITMOM.



The Marilyn Monroe – Limited Edition Gift Of Glam set is the perfect gift to make your mom’s feel as glamourous and sexy as Marilyn Monroe. The Marilyn Monroe – Limited Edition Gift Of Glam set comes with 1 Annabel Sunglass in Noir with rose gold metallic crystals by Swarovski® at the hinge, 1 Marilyn Monroe Spas Lipstick-Marilyn Red 03 (.12oz), 1 Marilyn Monroe Spas Nail polish in Marilyn Red (9ml) and 1 Marilyn Monroe Spas Beauty Tote (Gold) all for just $148.00! Make your mom feel glamourous this mother’s day and give her this limited edition gift set. You can purchase the The Marilyn Monroe – Limited Edition Gift Of Glam set on their site here.

Happy Mother’s day and good luck on your last minute shopping!

Mother's day calendar

Introducing the new Swarovski Shine Collection Available Today!


Combining two of my favorite brands the Swarovski Shine Cardoon Set is now available to purchase and just in time for the holidays! The new Swarovski Shine Activity Tracking Crystal measures your daily activities and quality of sleep, and syncs wirelessly with your smartphone. Continue Reading →