Eldritch Foundry, Customizable 3-D Miniatures, Launches Kickstarter Campaign

Eldritch Foundry, the new online character creator that gives users the freedom to bring the most customizable miniature figures to life, just launched their Kickstarter campaign. With Eldritch Foundry, you can craft the mini of your dreams, with every detail you imagined, and have it 3D-printed in a never before seen quality. Users visualize and create the smallest details, from hands, heads, tails, wings, clothes, weapons and practically anything else you can think of.

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Touchconsole – The Universal Gamepad for ALL Smartphones is Coming Soon

Touchconsole, the new universal ergonomic wireless gamepad with two touchpads that attaches on the back side of your smartphone, will launch on Kickstarter later this year. Currently, a large number of games played are on a smartphone with the game mechanics and aesthetics making a smartphone not as comfortable while gaming. Interestingly enough 30-50% of touchscreen surface is covered by gamer’s fingers and 53% of Android gamers are women which means there needs to be different aesthetic and ergonomics for the different gamers.

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Introducing the OPTIMUS Collection: Premium Hard-Case Luggage at Affordable Prices

Announced today, Optimus, a new direct-to-consumer luggage brand on a mission to make traveling easier and more affordable, just launched of its debut travel collection: The Optimus upholds the highest standards in style, function and durability, but without the middlemen markups. The result is a durable and timeless luggage offering at the lowest possible price. Today Optimus launched their Kickstarter campaign and was fully funded within 15 minutes of their announcement.

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The Mojobot: A Coding Robot and Board Game That Educates Kids and Adults

Mojobot is a new coding robot and board game for kids and adults to learn the core principles of coding and robotics. Users will learn coding through playing and challenging each other in the Mojobot Missions board game. This is a turn based multiplayer game where players compete to undertake Missions and earn star points. 

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Time4Machine Debuts 3D Self-Assembling Models on KickStarter

Coined the most beautiful construction set in the world, Time4Machine debuts its 3D metallic, self-assembling models with real mechanical engines on KickStarterTime4Machine is a new perspective in the world of construction sets of 3D models made of thin metal, which you can personally assemble. There is a mechanism in each model, and some of them are powered by spring winding.

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Kickstarter Announces 16 Films Featured at the SXSW 2019 Film Festival

At this year’s SXSW Film Festival, held in Austin Texas from March 8-16, 2019, Kickstarter Film will have 16 Kickstarter-funded films. The SXSW Film Festival runs concurrent with the SXSW Interactive and SXSW Music festivals throughout the 9 days. The lineup will feature films by Kickstarter creators, including 13 of the 131 feature-length films. Some films that will stand out to Austin locals will be the “Becoming Leslie ” film and “Nothing Stays The Same: The Story of The Saxon Pub“ however the entire Kickstarter Film SXSW lineup is solid. Below are the 16 Kickstarter Film’s including descriptions of each to be featured at the SXSW 2019 Film Festival.

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High Five® 5-in-1 Charging Cable Launches Indiegogo and Kickstarter Campaigns

German start-up Vonmählen’s High Five is the world’s first 5in1 charging cable for a key ring. Hive Five has five different connections so it can charge any standard portable device. High Five attaches easily to your key ring and is always ready to use.

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Soundbrenner Core: The 4-in-1 Smart Music Tool Launches Kickstarter Campaign

Smartwatches have been around for quite some time but have you heard of a smartwatch that is also a smart music tool? The new Soundbrenner Core is a 4-in-1 wearable “Smart Music Tool” that serves as your everyday watch just launched their first Kickstarter campaign. Continue Reading →

Goodtimer: The Positive Reinforcement Parenting Tool Launches on Kickstarter

As the school year is in full swing the question with discipline and positive reinforcement in our digital age still remain of what is the most effective tool to help with positive reinforcement and encourage good behavior. Startup Plus Up, LLC (Plus Up) just unveiled and launched on Kickstarter Goodtimer, a new product developed in collaboration with child behavior experts, to encourage improved behavior through the use of positive reinforcement.  Continue Reading →

SunMade Cheese Plate by YOLK: A New Solar Charger that Gives Back Launches on Kickstarter

We are always thrilled to publish articles on companies that give back to the community and the newest company is SunMade Cheese Plate Solar Charger by YOLK. The SunMade Cheese plate is a unique portable solar panel plus various solar powered accessories that include; a charge flash light, lighter, radio with the sunlight. What makes this product unique is that they started the Solar Cow Project where they give partial profit from the SunMade to be used to build solar systems in East Africa to stop child labor. Continue Reading →