Atari Announces Re-branding of the Ataribox to Atari VCS at GDC 2018

The much awaited Ataribox by Atari that was set for pre-ordering in December 2017 has been rebranded. This week at Game Developers Conference (GDC) Atari® announced the “Atari VCS”, previously known as “Ataribox, as the official name of its new retro-inspired gaming and entertainment platform.” During GDC in San Francisco Atari shared prototypes of the Atari VCS, Classic Joystick and Modern Controller with press. They revealed the exclusive pre-order date for the Atari VCS will now be during the month of April 2018. Continue Reading →

Pre-Order the Xchime™ 1080p WiFi Video Doorbell and Garage Door Opener Today

Today Xchime™ 1080p WiFi Video Doorbell and Garage Door Opener kicked off their Indiegogo campaign with a goal of $25,000 to be reached in 30 days. The all-in-one ultimate smart doorbell and garage door opener is a proactive security solution for your home or office. Continue Reading →

VAUX; The First Battery-Powered Speaker to Transform Dot to a Cordless Sound System and Home-Command Center

A couple weeks ago Ninety7 announced the second generation VAUX, the first battery powered speaker and home command center, to be shipped to consumers in early April 2017. The VAUX comes in “ash” or “carbon and is currently available for pre-order for $49.00 on

I am also excited to inform you all that I will be receiving a VAUX to review to give you all the specifications and an unboxing sneak peak video! Till then below is the official press release for VAUX: Continue Reading →

2017 Smart Connected Home Products

While at CES I got to explore all the Smart Home or Connected Home products and services to be launched throughout 2017. If anything I learned from CES is that the Smart Home or Connected Home market is flourishing and I predict throughout the year there will be even more awesome products launched.  Till then below are interviews from several different Smart Home or Connected Home booths I checked out while at CES plus pictures of those I didn’t get a chance to get interviews with.


Designed after the robot “Eve” from Wall-E the French startup, Fenotek is introduced Hi) at CES 2017. Hi:) is a wireless and GSM-enabled video doorbell that not only looks like her but is also as smart as her. Hi) combines all of the best capabilities and functions needed in a complete video doorbell to protect and connect the entire family via an app on both Android and iOS mobile devices. Hi) is enabled with both Wi-Fi and LTE functions, and capable of family recognition, while a real-time app notification allows you to confirm your identity. It also has 24/7 video monitoring, cloud data saving, and in-app door control, notifications and alarm triggers. While at CES I got to meet with the team so they could give me more insight and do a short video interview of what Hi) is all about.

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