Infinite Block; The Handheld Gaming Device for Social Settings

Just launched on Indiegogo, Infinite Block, a startup of passionate designers and engineers announced their fully configurable- handheld gaming device that randomly displays answers, challenges, questions or riddles. Coined as a unique -rated R- gaming device that compiles classic, group and party games in one compact block. It’s up to the user on what it wants the block to show! You can play dozens of classic games or create new ones.

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AtGames Digital Media Announces Blast! Gaming Series And Legends Flashback Console Available October 1st

Just in time for the holidays, today AtGames Digital Media Inc unveiled their latest classic video gaming releases: the Blast! and their “Legends Flashback” consoleThe Blast! is an HDMI dongle with wireless controllers bundle with classic games while Legends Flashback console has builtin games. Below are the specifications for both AtGames “the Blast!” and “Legends Flashback” announced today. Continue Reading →

Classic Game Fest 2017 Recap

Last weekend was a huge weekend in Austin gaming wise with the Brick Fest Live Lego Fan Experience, Bullock Museum’s opening of the Classic Game Expo and lastly the Classic Game Fest 2017. Crazy enough I attended all 3 over the weekend! Continue Reading →

Austin’s Gamer Weekend Featuring the Brick Fest Live Lego Fan Experience, Classic Game Fest, EnterpriseHack Hackathon and the Pong to Pokémon Exhibit

It’s going to be a big weekend for gamers in Austin or gamers visiting the city. Though this weekend is not officially called “Austin Gamer Weekend” it truly feels like it is.  Recently Austin was named the 3rd best city for gamers and this weekend’s epic lineup of gaming events proves it!

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