All Home Connections Announces New Paid Gaming Campaign for Two Lucky People

All Home Connections, an AT&T preferred dealer, is looking to pay a gaming duo $1,889 to play 20 hours of the classic and modern versions of a nostalgic video game of choice. This campaign is in celebration of the latest Sonic the Hedgehog 2 movie and the trailer release for The Super Mario Bros. Movie by reflecting on how far classic video game franchises have come. All Home Connections is curious about how these classic games stack up against the modern versions.

How to apply:

Step 1: Applicants must grab a friend to be the Luigi to their Mario. 

Step 2: They’ll need to fill out the application together and tell All Home Connections why they’re the best players for the “job.”

  • For bonus points, applicants can submit a video response—the more creative, the better!

The All Home Connections challenge: 

  1. All Home Connections will give the winning duo two Nintendo Switches and heart rate monitors to play 20 hours of classic and modern versions of America’s most nostalgic video game franchises. Check out the full list of games on our campaign page
  2. For the final level, the pair will report on which version of the game they preferred most and use their heart rate monitors to tell us which game upped their heart rate the most. 
  3. Once complete, we’ll award the winners $1,889 to split between the two. (P.S. 1889 is the year Nintendo was founded) 

To help the pair complete the challenge, they’ll send some supplementary items to each player:

  • A Nintendo Switch, including the games needed to get them through 20 hours of gameplay
  • One-year membership to Nintendo Switch Online
  • NES access (classic video game package)
  • Heart rate watch to measure which games get them the most frustrated or pumped up
  • Snacks and swag to power them through their games

After completing the challenge, both players will split their earnings of $1,889. Applications close Friday, November 18, 2022, at 12:00 PM MST.

To apply or to learn more please visit:


Source: All Home Connections