Dell and Alienware Highlights at CES 2019 and the #DellExperience

CES 2019 was a big win for Dell with nine CES 2019 Innovation Honoree Awards. The wins were throughout its Alienware, Dell Precision, XPS, Latitude, Gaming and Displays portfolios. The accomplishments didn’t end there as Dell received two U.S.Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) awards for its recycling and circular gold initiatives. Dell had a 2020 goal of recovering two billion pounds of used electronics and reached their goal. Dell now is on target to surpass the goal of repurposing 100 million pounds of recycled materials in Dell products by Earth Day in April 2019. Continue Reading →

Innovation Award Honorees Announced for CES 2019

One of the highlights of CES annually is the Innovation Awards and getting a chance to see the 28 innovative honorees products at CES Unveiled. If nominated Innovation Awards honorees will be featured in the Innovation Awards Showcase at CES 2019. The Innovation Awards program recognizes two levels of honorees among 28 award categoriesContinue Reading →

WooHoo Smart Home Hub Could Be A Savior Product For Telecom Companies

WooHoo by SmartBeings is the world’s first AI-based interactive and affordable smart home hub with facial and voice recognition. Recently it was announced  WooHoo‘s 4G LTE capabilities could be the saving grace for telecommunication carriers and providers. WooHoo‘s 4G LTE feature differentiates from any current smart home device on the market that requires WiFi for Internet access. This feature enables telecoms to partner with SmartBeings and enter one of the quickest growing industries on the market, the connected smart home. Continue Reading →