Groomit; The App That Connects Pet Owners With Groomers

The Groomit app is the first mobile platform connecting pet owners and groomers. By connecting owners and groomers directly, Groomit offers top quality services at affordable prices, all performed in the convenience and comfort of your home.

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Vertigo App’s New Social Generated “Song Stories” Feature

Recently, the social music app Vertigo introduced its own Snap-style stories feature called “Song Stories.” This new feature allows users to pair their own photo or video with the song of their choice to create and share. Vertigo‘s Song Stories allows you to access Spotify or Apple Music within the Vertigo app. Continue Reading →

Bionic Bird Biomimetic Drone and The Flying App 2.0 at CES 2017

It’s a bird…It’s a plane…nope its the Bionic Bird, the biomimetic drone and the new version of the “The Flying” App 2.0 that is making a cameo at CES 2017.

Throughout history man has dreamed of flying. Today, Bionic Bird offers the opportunity to experience that extraordinary sensorial adventure: to fly like a bird. Bionic Bird takes on the heavens with a range of 100 meters. Even apartment interiors don’t scare it! The Flying App is ultra-sensitive and intuitive: a wave of the hand, the bird obeys. In the sky, Bionic Bird is the only flying object in the world that does not frighten birds away.

Bionic Bird is packed with micro-technologies weighing less than 10 grams. Bionic Bird mimics both the soaring of an eagle and the rapid flapping flight of a swallow. Even real birds think it’s one of them! Outside, Bionic Bird can fly with a range of up to 100 meters with speeds up to 20km/h. The Bionic Bird can fly indoors if the tail is set to slow mode. Continue Reading →


img_9047Car problems, especially as we approach winter, is a huge inconvenience. Some people have AAA when they have car issues or their insurance offers that service but what about those who do not have either? Both services you have to pay for and depending on your budget some are a tad pricey.

I don’t drive regularly, I walk mostly every where however when I do drive I always have anxiety that my car will break down since it’s 4 years old and having some issues. Though I have insurance I don’t really have piece of mind when battling the rough road of Austin, Texas since I don’t know when they are coming to help me, on their way or progress on the repairs. Guess what, they now have an app for that!

SWEETWORXX is a new automotive app available for iOS and Android that offers a solution for car repair and maintenance including vehicle pickup and drop-off. Curently there are some apps on the market already that help connect your car with a repair shop, but no one currently offers complete service from start to finish, including selection of the right repair shop to suit your vehicle’s needs as well as vehicle pickup and delivery service.

Using the SWEETWORXX app allows you to schedule any car repair or maintenance service and one of their professional drivers will pick up your car, take it to a repair shop, get it fixed and bring it back to a destination of your choice fully ready to drive and covered by a 24 month/24,000 miles limited warranty. The entire process can be followed through status updates in the app. SWEETWORXX services includes everything from an oil change and tire rotation to a vehicle inspection and brake replacement. Continue Reading →

Review: Chic Sketch App

Chich Sketch sketch picMany people have asked where I got the sketches for the logo on Hi-Tech Chic. Well it’s not brain surgery to start. It’s a new awesome app called Chic Sketch that transforms a picture of yourself into a sleek and fashionable sketch. Emily Brickel, illustrator, is the talent behind the sketches for Chic Sketch as she creates a photo you submit into a beautiful sketch. cs starting

How do I get started you ask? First you need to download the app either from Google Play or the Apple Store and once installed you will see the little icon on your screen. Next log in using your facebook or instagram account and it will take you to the first page named “Public Gallery.” On this page you will see previous sketches that have been done and a little camera icon on the bottom.

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