SuKaz Spring/Summer 2022 Collection at London Fashion Week

Presented at Oxford Fashion Studios, the annual independent fashion showcase in Oxford, England, designer Susan Hollingsworth showcased her SuKaz Spring/Summer 2022 Collection. Unveiled during London Fashion Week, each SuKaz jacket, created by Hollingsworth, is the product of 20 years living in international locales.

A labor of love between designer, textile artisan, and seamstress; the wearable art pieces serve as tangible reminders of cultural craft passed down through generations. Telling a unique story, threads of ancient traditions are interwoven with flashes of contemporary elegance. Each jacket is a reflection of countless hours spent haunting markets and bazaars from Africa to the Middle and Far East, points along the Silk Road of Central Asia, and the mother lode, the Grand Bazaar of Istanbul.

The fiber art panel in each jacket is original, showcasing needle art techniques including embroidery, fabric origami, needle felting, ribbon work and appliqué. An individual panel can take up to 50 hours from start to finish, not including the intensive training process each artisan undertakes to learn basic techniques.

Buttons are often hand-crafted, tatted, kiln-forged (metal) or kiln-fired (glass), and the fabrics themselves might be embroidered, manipulated through smocking and folding, or handwoven on wooden looms. Crafted to the finest detail, SuKaz jackets are one-of-a-kind works of art.

The way each jacket has been designed makes them suitable for various dress sizes and body shapes. SuKaz staff is on hand to advise on specific pieces and so will talk to you to find out, based on what you need your SuKaz piece to be, which is the piece for you to make you feel great wearing it.

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Source: LFW, SuKaz, Oxford Fashion Studio