STYLE.ME and XRSPACE Kick Off Collaboration with Metaverse Fashion Show

STYLE.ME, an industry-leading 3D fashion technology company, has partnered with XRSPACE, the company pioneering the next generation of visual reality in the metaverse to bring digital fashion to the metaverse. The first collaboration will be a Metaverse Fashion Show starting, today July 28th through August 31, 2022, in the GOXR metaverse platform for brands and digital creators.

Visitors enter an immersive space with runway shows, AI guides, and clothing designs to try-on and purchase. The event will take place in the GOXR metaverse till August 31, 2022. This is set to be the first of many unique phygital experiences under the partnership, bringing increased utility for digital fashion.

Please note for events you will need to reserve a seat! To get started you will need to download the GOXR app through Google Play or App Store and create your avatar.

This is an ideal collaboration with STYLE.ME being the top technology and content provider for digital fashion and NFTs and XRSPACE focus on creating full spectrum global metaverse experiences beyond the gaming industry.

To learn more or to get started please visit:


STYLE.ME is a technology and content provider for digital fashion. They enable designers to become metaverse-capable creators, building unique phygital experiences for brands and making fashion accessible for metaverse communities. Its virtual fitting and AR solutions personalize and elevate the e-commerce experience for retailers. With patented technology and expertise in AI, computer vision, clothing simulation and blockchain, STYLE.ME provides end-to-end solutions for digital fashion. Visit:


XRSPACE is the company pioneering the next generation of social reality through XR in the metaverse, seeking to change how people connect, work, and play – bringing people closer together without the limitations of physical boundaries. After five years of development, XRSPACE released metaverse platforms PartyOn and GOXR in 2021. In GOXR, anyone from creatives, enterprises, brands, museums and galleries are able to easily create their own metaverse, and engage further with users by hosting virtual events. EXPOs and tradeshows can also be hosted in GOXR which provides 3D showrooms, AI digital service agents, and real-time social interaction.