Meero: Leader of Artificial Intelligence For Image Processing To Increase Employees to 1000 By December 2019

When a young start up manages to increase their employees over 20 times in just 3 years one has to wonder what their secret recipe to success is. Recently announced, Meero, a startup revolutionizing the photography industry worldwide using Artificial Intelligence, has multiplied its employees over 20 times in just 3 years, a record breaking growth within the tech industry. Since its creation in 2016, Meero has recruited 450 employees and plans to hire 550 new profiles in one year mostly in operations, supply, customer service, IT and sales.

Within 3 years, Meero has managed to bring disruptive innovation to the world of professional photography. Meero responds to a major problem in the photography world of image editing. Truth be told, 60 minutes of actual shooting requires up to 4 hours of additional post production work which results in long delivery times, inconsistent returns and often disparate prices. With Meero’s 24 hour delivery time and quality AI image processing they resolved these issues.

Meero today is:

  • The leader of artificial intelligence dedicated to image processing
  • The first on-demand photography platform in the world
  • 31,000 clients in over 100 countries
  • 450 employees from 30 different nationalities
  • Delivery times of under 24 hours and consistent quality.
  • 1 shoot delivered every 30 seconds
  • 7 offices around the world: Paris, New York, Shanghai, Tokyo, Bangalore, Sydney and Rio

With all this growth Meero now is building a World-class team in their NYC office to manage their North America hyper growth. Though 550 new employees may seem like a small number within the big picture of the job market but given Meero’s track record the potential growth in the next 3 years may even exceed their current employment rate success.

Per Meero, these job openings are made possible thanks to their fundraising efforts, which amount to a total of $63M. While the start-up recruits mainly in France, it is also opening several positions in its offices abroad: New York, Tokyo, Shanghai, Bangalore, Sydney and Rio. By the end of the year Meero expects to reach 1,000 employees, including 400 in its international offices.

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This is a great story on how jobs are still being generated at a quick rate and the success rate of a young startup! Good Luck to all those that apply! For more information about Meero or to learn about their services please visit: