Student Badge Discounts, A.I. Presence and Weekly Update for SXSW 2018

As per my previous posts, I will be posting updates for SXSW 2018 until the conference starts. Below are the current SXSW 2018 updates.

Student Badge Discount

SXSW is offering students an exclusive badge discount for SXSW 2018. Now through Thursday, March 1 buy yourself a badge and get one free for a fellow student. Discount Rate: Student badges for SXSW InteractiveSXSW Film, and SXSW Music are priced at $625 each. For each student badge purchased at the $625 rate, a coupon to register one additional student at $0 will be issued. For comparison, the standard walkup rate for one badge is $1,325. To get the discount you will need to fill out the form located here:

Artificial Intelligence Presence

The 2018 SXSW Conference announced recently it has ten sessions covering Artificial Intelligence. Per SXSW below are the session including description for each sessions.

  • AI Creativity in Art, Neuroscience, and the Law. Artificial intelligences now produce compelling works of art, raising questions both metaphysical and practical. Does AI creativity raise it on par with the human? How will we license the inputs and outputs from AI? Two artists, an attorney, and a neuroscientist will grapple with these questions in a provocative conversation and demo.
  • Democratizing AI for Individuals & Organizations. AI has enormous potential for improving the world, from increasing productivity to creating new medicines. But to realize AI’s promise, the barriers to entry must be lowered and the technology made available to the largest possible community of developers, users, and enterprises. Learn more in this fascinating conversation between Dr. Fei-Fei Li, Director of Stanford’s Artificial Intelligence Lab and Chief Scientist of AI/ML at Google Cloud, and Joanne Chen, Partner at Foundation Capital.
  • Ending the Dangerous Disconnect Between DC and AI. Experts from DC and Silicon Valley advance the debate, addressing how best to engage policymakers, what issues require the most urgent attention, and how to work constructively with the stakeholders shaping our intelligent future.
  • Exploring Innovations in AI. Experts including Loic Le Meur of cover how AI is being practically applied in industry, along with the “unexpected” applications. They will also explain how biology and medicine are the next big AI frontiers.
  • The Future of AI and Hiring. In this session, Frida Polli, co-founder + CEO of pymetrics, and Tatiana Goldberg, Director of Leadership Development at Unilever, will discuss how neuroscience, gamification, and applied AI are diversifying and disrupting the labor market.
  • Regulating AI: How to Control the Unexplainable. The rise of AI seems unstoppable—from finance to advertising, medicine and logistics, AI is reshaping industries. This solo presentation will explain how the worlds of AI and law are colliding, and what this means for data-driven companies, the tech industry, governments and citizens around the world.
  • Limitless Creativity: How to Design in an AI World. As humans we have always looked for ways to accelerate our physical abilities. Join R/GA Creative Director, Jenna Niven, as she discusses the impact of AI on creativity and discusses how an ‘AI augmented’ approach can create innovative solutions for clients.
  • The Misinformation Age: Can AI Solve Fake News? This session will examine how AI can be used to counter fake news, how platforms can work with journalists to create trustworthy systems, and the implications for consumers.
  • What AI Reveals About Our Place in the Universe. Artificial intelligence reveals self-reflexive patterns in our brains, bodies, cities, and organizations. This session will illustrate the implications of AI, nanotechnology, cognitive experiences, and digital transformation.
  • Will AI Change the Future of Creativity? As AI and machine learning are rapidly growing, they’re being applied to creative fields like art, photography, music, video and more. AI is writing songs, curating exhibitions, designing buildings, and more. How will AI change the creative process? Can a machine be a creative or aid to the work of creatives, or should machines be left completely out of this space? Join representatives from both the Art and AI community for a discussion around the future of creativity.

For more information and to view the sessions schedule for SXSW 2018 click here.

Deadlines and Registration

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