Sophie et Voila Reveals “Hydrangea” 2021 Bridal Collection

This week, Sophie et Voila, a contemporary bridal brand from Spain, unveiled their “Hydrangea” 2021 Bridal Collection,  just in time for Bridal Fashion Week. The collection is inspired by the Hydrangea, a flower predominantly found in Eastern Asia but can also be found in the Basque Country, Spain, the country where the brand is from.

The collection embodies the flower, that is generally white or pink, but after adding a bit of iron to its soil, it easily turns blue. A powerful flower, that grows in rare environments and is completely versatile.

With a simple large flower, in January it must be pruned almost flush to the ground, leaving a few stems empty of life. After, in the second stage, leaves start to appear, radiantly green, that bestow its robust volume. Finally, the flowers appear, like a sum of delicate tiny sprouts. From nothing to everything every year, the Hydrangea is a flower that sprouts with the security of knowing that every spring it will be spectacular. Like Sophie et Voilá.

And that is this collection, the sum of impeccable designs. Some, like the first phase, are minimalist and austere, others like an explosion of leaves, short and simple but with their own style, and, lastly, designs that appear like a flowering: of clean romanticism.

Just as the Basque Country is always inspiration, crepe, gauze and tul are recurring foundations on which Hydrangea has been built. A collection made for women with style and a story.

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Sophie et Voilà was born from the union of two diametrically opposed and complementary women, basing her whole philosophy on that concept. We are better together. Sofía Arribas, creative director of the company, is pure imagination applied to style, the soul of Sophie et Voilà. An architect by training, she is an inveterate reader, lover of aesthetics and art, and a woman in love with her children and dachshund Roque.

Saioa Goitia, CEO of Sophie et Voilà, is the tenacious executive that makes this project possible. With a track record of successful businesses under her belt, she is a boundless traveler, terribly sociable, mother of two children and a lover of good food.

From this balance, Sophie et Voilà arises as a company, with the purpose of accompanying every woman, encouraging their own style of fashion.


Source: Sophie et Voila