Shop LC to Air 24-Hour Moissanite Jewelry Sale in Time for Valentine’s Day 2023

Shop LC, the Austin-based home shopping channel, understands the ever-growing popularity of Moissanite jewelry though lab-created diamonds and colored gemstones also compete in this space.  Moissanite is easier to work with than diamonds plus its lower cost means cutters are experimenting more with unusual and fanciful cuts, as well as colored moissanite.

In time for Valentine’s Day, on January 28, Shop LC will be airing a 24-hour moissanite sale. Shoppers can expect discounts of up to 80-percent off standard Shop LC prices. Shop LC hosts are presenting the history, lore and facts behind moissanite jewelry for an entertaining and informative shopping experience.  

Moissanite jewelry’s ovals and pear cuts are very popular, in addition to unusual round cuts like 120-facets and Old European. Other popular cuts include the Millennial favorite, crushed ice, and the radiant cut. Additionally, popular colors include pink, yellow, orange, blue, and red. These intentionally compete with popular stones like Morganite and pink diamond, sapphire, ruby, and more.

Buying moissanite uses the same guidelines are diamond: Color, Cut, Clarity, and Carat Weight. Moissanite displays more fire than a diamond (also called dispersion or scintillation). This is because the refractive index of moissanite is 2.4 times higher than diamond.

Below are the Trending Moissanite Cuts/ Jewelry on Shop LC

Old European Cut

An Old European Cut (OEC) is a type of stone cut that was popular in the late 19th and early 20th century. It is characterized by a round shape, a small table, a high crown, and a large culet. OEC stones have a unique antique look and are often preferred by vintage and antique jewelry enthusiasts.

Radiant Cut

A radiant cut is a type of stone cut that combines the brilliance of a round cut with the rectangular shape of an emerald cut. The radiant cut is characterized by its trimmed corners and 70 facets, which gives it a unique sparkle and brilliance.

120 Facet

A 120-facet cut is a stone that has been cut and polished with 120 facets, as opposed to the standard 57-58 facets on a round brilliant cut or the typical 32-33 facets on an emerald cut. This high number of facets is intended to increase the stone’s sparkle and brilliance. The extra facets are often achieved by adding an extra set of facets, called the star facets and the lower girdle facets. These extra facets are added to the top of the gemstone, which are called the crown, and the bottom of the gem, known as the pavilion. The 120-facet cut is a relatively new development in cutting and is not as common as standard cuts. It is often used in high-end jewelry and can be more expensive than standard cuts.

Emperor Cut

A very new stone cut, the emperor cut modifies the traditional round brilliant in a few notable ways. Utilizing eight heart-shaped facets, it combines this with a concave cut at the bottom of the stone with a checkboard pattern on the top. This results in an aesthetically pleasing gem cut that helps show extra sparkle.

Crushed Ice Cut

The crushed ice cut refers to a stone cut that has multiple small facets, giving it a sparkly and “crushed ice” appearance. This type of cut is also sometimes referred to as a “scattered” or “diamond dust” cut. It is achieved by cutting the stone with many extra, small facets, which increases the amount of sparkle and brilliance the gemstone emits.

Asscher Cut

An Asscher cut is a type of stone cut that is similar to an emerald cut, but with a square shape and a higher crown. The Asscher cut is characterized by its step cut facets, which resemble a staircase. It also has a small table, a high crown, and a large culet. The Asscher cut is known for its unique, vintage look and is a popular choice for those who prefer a more antique or Art Deco style. Asscher cut diamonds often have a higher clarity grade, as the step cut facets tend to highlight any inclusions.

Colored Moissanite

Colored stones, sometimes called fancy moissanite, are gaining popularity with those wanting the sparkle and clarity of moissanite but with a pop of color. Top colors include pink, red, Padparadscha (pink orange), yellow, and blue. This is typically achieved with a coating process.

Trapezoid Cut

Trapezoid shaped diamonds are often used as side stones in jewelry. These diamonds have four sides, with the bottom sides being parallel and the top sides slanting inward. They can be found as side stones in solitaire engagement rings and pendant necklaces.

Concertina Ring

This stretchable ring coverts into a bracelet. Includes bezel set moissanite gems. Choice of gold vermeil or platinum plating.

Trinity Ring

Symbolizes the past, present, and future for a couple. Alternately, the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost. Milgrain detail on band for extra luster.

Floral Cluster

Inspired by the Chrysanthemum flower. Split shank for a comfort fit.

Stacking Kite Ring

First time offering kite-shape moissanite. Stacking ring provides versatility.

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