Valentine’s Day Beauty Guide

HI tech chic Valentines Day

Happy early Valentine’s Day. After the launch of Hi-Tech Chic I have been getting allot more fun beauty products to test out. Some of these products I never even heard of till recently so I thought I would share the love with all my girls getting ready for their Valentine’s Day date.Frenchies

If you’re wanting to do an up-do for your Valentine’s date Frenchies Flocked French Hairpins are designed to keep your hairstyles, buns, extensions and wigs in place. The product comprises of a U shaped Frenchies hairpin flocked with a fiber coating, which creates a high-friction surface to help hold your hair in place. I will be doing an additional review about Frenchies once I get them in the mail.  Currently Frenchies go for $11.99 on their site per a set of 20 hair pins.Beglammed

Sometimes we ladies just don’t have time to haul our cookies to a salon but still have a big date. The beGlammed app may be your best bet! beGlammed is a on-demand beauty service that delivers professional hairstylists and makeup artists straight to your door. First you must get the app and sign up. Once you have done that just tap the app to book a personal beauty team that is on-demand and can come to your home, office, hotel, or any other location.Beglamed 2

The go-to mobile hair and makeup provider for everyone from working professionals, students, and busy mothers to brides, jetsetters, and celebrities. Also if you get the full glam makeup application it also includes complimentary lashes; perfect for that Smokey eye look for your Valentine’s Day date or any evening event. Rates start around $35.00 and go up depending on your look. So if you are in a jam and want to look glam get the beGlammed app.

Angel PurseThe V Chain Cross-Body is the perfect cross functional purse for your “casual dressy” and “night-out” outfits. I love purses that have removable straps or just cross functional in general. The V Chain Cross-Body has a removable gold chain and a magnetic button closure (crucial for those embarrassing drop your purse moments). The V Chain Cross-Body purse by Angela Roi also has a front flap ribbon logo embossed and one small inside pocket. The V Chain Cross-Body is available in Black, Red, Navy and Pink and is currently $82.00 on their site. If you purchase the pink purse each sale supports Breast Cancer fighters and if you purchase the RED purse each sale supports HIV/AIDS fighters. They are offering Free 3 day USPS Priority Mail Shipping on all items (no minimum and no special code needed).  I have not received a sample to review but hope to so I can give you all my feedback on the V Chain Cross-Body.

CandylipFor natural pouty lips Candy Lipz has a great lip plumper set for $54.99 or you can also just get the original lip plumper model at $40.99. I have already reviewed the Candy Lipz original plumper and it really works plus its natural (no lip fillers needed)! The only set back is if you have big lips cut the time in half or you will look like a freak of nature. They are both on sale on their site here and definitely check it out; after all you can’t end your date without a kiss on Valentine’s Day!

Snap PicLastly if you are like me and most of the country we are obsessed with selfies! To get your selfie on and have great pictures during your Valentine’s Day I suggest the Snap a Pic Stick. It’s small enough to fit in your purse and makes your selfies look way better. You can purchase the Snap a Pic Stick here for $8.99 and it fits most smart phones with a 3.5mm jack.

Happy Valentine’s Day to you all and stay tuned for more great reviews and event recaps throughout the year!