Shop & Celebrate these Black-Owned Brands for Juneteenth 2024

In celebration of Juneteenth, we wanted to highlight black-owned businesses making a difference in their own niches. Below are brands that are not only black-owned but stand out from the rest.

Chémin– A Luxury Collection

Chémin is a luxury collection of intentional fine fragrances, body products, hand-poured soy candles and artisan handcrafted teas.  Chémin’s owner November Nichols, is one of the only black women/brands in the fragrance industry – and to date, Chémin is the only black brand with their own fragrance house (in the entire world!). The brand recently teamed up with department store giant, JC Penney to launch an affordable luxury collection in stores both nationwide and online.

La Chenille Bridal Bikini and Accessories

La Chenille Bridal Bikini is the first luxury bridal swimwear brand that is both black-owned and woman-owned dedicated to making each bride feel beautiful, elegant, and extraordinary on her special day! CEO and Co-founder, Demi Raquel Thomas has over ten years of experience as a creative innovator and entrepreneur in developing fashion brands. La Chenille Bridal’s luxury bridal bathing suits, cover-ups, and accessories are designed to empower women of all shapes and sizes. Shop the brand here.

Niles + Chaz

Introducing Niles + Chaz, the children’s clean hair care brand for mixed textured hair founded by Mike Colter and his wife Iva. Launching this Father’s day, the brand is inspired by their daughters Niles and Chaz with a mission to encourage young girls and boys to embrace their unique curls and be proud of their diverse cultural heritage.

J’s Natural Beauty

Made with real ingredients, this Black, woman-owned business supports women, men, and even our pets to achieve just that – natural beauty! The founder has studied natural, organic, and authentic skin and health care for over a decade and uses her expertise to craft loving products that put you first. J’s Natural Beauty’s products are carefully crafted from hand-selected 100% natural ingredients, meaning no synthetics, parabens, sulfates, or other chemical-based materials that are all too common in the industry. Available on Amazon.


Homme+Femme, founded by Drew Evans in his grandparents garage in Compton, CA is a leading voice in streetwear today. As a Black-owned brand, Homme+Femme creates collections that celebrates diversity and inclusiveness. Homme+Femme takes inspiration from Black culture, 90s Hip Hop & Rap, and from pop culture to create high quality styles ahead of the trends. The brand’s signature styles include their letterman jackets, raw edge denim, trucker hats, tees, and more. Shop Homme+Femme here.

Perfectly Satined

Perfectly Satined, created by Elorm Torkornoo, is a hat brand for stylish, inclusive hair protection with sizes ranging from medium to extra-large, they ensure a comfortable fit for everyone. For individuals with locs and natural hair, the high-quality satin lining is ideal because it retains hair’s moisture and prevents breakage, frizz, tangles, and drying out, ensuring hair stays healthy and beautiful. Available on Amazon.

Freedom Fleur

Freedom Fleur is a sustainable luxury black-owned fashion brand based in Nashville, Tennessee whose collections are inspired by the fusion of timeless elegance and ethical responsibility.  From organic silk to oeko-tex fabrics, each piece reflects their commitment to environmental care. They also use Corozo Nut buttons which are fully sustainable and biodegradable, and are organically sourced or harvested from Ecuador. All products are sold exclusively at


iLORM, black-woman owned brand based in Maryland with the goal of creating timeless apparel that has purpose in our ever-changing world. Inspired by their love and pride in Ghanaian culture, iLORM focuses on creating wearable art that is meticulously constructed to elevate kente; a handwoven textile made in Ghana by traditional weavers complemented by other ethically sourced fabric.   Browse the collections at

Michele Foods 

Michele Foods, founded by Michele Hoskins, known as “Real Mother of Syrups,” are makers of mouthwatering gourmet syrups. Having appeared on Oprah three times, she has the secret recipes for delicious syrups and runs the first Black woman-owned syrup company. Hoskin’s great-great-great grandmother, America Washington, was a freed slave in the late 1800s who developed a recipe for syrup out of churned butter, honey, and cream as an alternative to molasses. Available on Amazon.

Grown Folks

Grown Folks, the first black-owned, mom-owned, and female-owned hard seltzer brand, founded by Danica Dias, a seasoned entrepreneur and loving mother of two. Grown Folks Hard Seltzer is the first hard seltzer built from Louisiana Creole vibes and soul food-inspired flavors. At 6% ABV, a sugar brew base, and real fruit juice, the Variety Pack has three unapologetically sweet & fruit-forward flavors: Peach Cobbler, Ambrosia, and Key Lime. Learn more about here:

Mocktail Club 

Mocktail Club is a line of globally inspired zero-proof cocktails that are all-natural, non-GMO certified, contain no refined sugars, certified woman-owned and black-owned. Enjoy drinks such as a Capri Spritz or a Manhattan Berry and reap the benefits with ingredients such as pomegranates and blackberries for antioxidants and apple cider vinegar which contains prebiotics for gut health. Available on Amazon and select retailers across the country.


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