Projext & Co. Launches Scooter One Shoes on Kickstarter

Scooter One Shoes, the first product by the team at Projext & Co., offers innovative premium leather sneakers, without harm to animals or the planet associated with other fast fashion brands. Taking slow fashion to the next level, Scooter One Shoes reimagines the classic sneaker. It was created to withstand changing trends and become the sneaker of the next generation.

With sustainability in mind, the shoe is designed for the minimalist and meant for all-day comfort.  Scooter One Shoes feature innovative technology to give customers the best in style, comfort and sustainability.

Each shoe is made of Prime Fiber Leather, a mix of vegan and upcycled leather cast-offs. This leverages the scraps from other manufacturers, helping to reduce waste. A vegan leather coating provides a protective shield against water,stains and scratches, so wearers are good to go, no matter the weather or occasion.

 A unique blend of Merino wool and Tencel fabric fibers, called ​Soufflé Fit Technology​™​,​ lines the interior of the shoes to keep feet sweat-free and comfortable – even without socks. The use of Merino wool and Tencel fabric ensures Scooter One Shoes are cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Popcorn Technology™ ensures the sole of each shoe is flexible, shock-absorbent and durable. Each sole is made of 90% natural rubber with 10% recycled rubber. 

Scooter One Shoes are available in men’s and women’s sizes in white, black and grey colorways.

Their Kickstarter campaign goal is $7,467 goal with $17, 723 already pledged. Starting at $69, they can be preordered by visiting the Kickstarter campaign at​.

About Projext & Co.

Projext & Co. is a group of footwear industry experts, international designers, engineers and creators who aspire to create products that derive from thinking outside the box. They are committed to creating a timeless, eco-conscious, and wholesome brand to spark curiosity in everyday life. Scooter One Shoes is the team’s first project and their take on redefining the classic sneaker. “Projext” is the combination of “Project” and “next”. The team goes beyond slow fashion to push the boundaries of mindful manufacturing, natural materials and the latest technology. Projext is committed ​to creating products that enrich consumers’ lives but don’t harm the planet. They use the latest technology to develop fashion that looks good, lasts long and is eco-friendly.


Source: Projext & Co., Kickstarter