Product Review: MOMAN EM1 USB Condenser Microphone and RF30 Microphone Reflection Filter

The MOMAN EM1 USB Microphone and RF30 Microphone Reflection Filter combination is the ideal mobile recording studio for podcasts, live-streaming, gaming, zoom calls, ASMR and more. The EM1 USB Microphone features a 3.5mm monitoring jack for latency-free audio monitoring and a shockproof mic holder with an adjustable ergonomic design.

With an easy plug and play set-up, the recording microphone offers 6.5 ft USB/USB-C and 4.9ft USB anti-Interference cables to plug into your device. The MOMAN EM1 USB microphone not only supports Windows and Smartphones, but also works with Mac without an adapter or the need to download extra software.  

The USB condenser microphone is designed with “Gain Control” for easy volume adjustment and “Mute Mode” to timely stop recording. It boasts high sensitivity (-45dB+3dB re 1 Volt/Pascal), reproducing a well-rounded voice in your device. Featuring a cardioid polar pattern, the EM1 condenser mic aims at picking up sounds with low self-noise.

The MOMAN RF30 Microphone Reflection Filter features absorbing cotton insulation and designed to isolate noises and restore your authentic voice for recording, singing, dubbing and more. The lightweight five folding panels with adjustable angle can be collapsible (L*W*H: 200*170*260mm) to be carried around without complicated installation.

The filter has a 3-layer noise shield to reduce sound reflection:

  • The absorbing layer to absorbs audio waves and prevents sound reflection.
  • The filter layer which weakens sounds that cannot be absorbed.
  • The reflective layer that isolates ambient noise without affecting sound clarity.

The microphone isolation shield set includes 3/8” to 5/8” adapter for shock mount and other accessories. It can be used on the table with a microphone, or with Z stand (not included) and microphone on the floor. Constructed to be able to utilize indoor or outdoor, its made of high-density absorbent EVA foam and constructed of premium ABS.

MOMAN EM1 USB Condenser Microphone and RF30 Microphone Reflection Filter Product Review:

The EM1 Microphone comes with one microphone, wind muff, desktop holder, USB Cable and USB to Type-C Cable. The microphone itself has a working indicator, gain control, mute mode, 3.5mm jack and USB output. The RF30 Microphone Reflection Filter comes with Microphone Reflection Filter, Supporting Rod, Supporting Rod Nut, Balance S crew, Gasket, 5/8” Screw, 3/8” to 5/8” Adapter and Microphone Base.

I decided to set up the RF30 Microphone Reflection Filter before setting up the microphone since it will need to be attached to the filter. The filter comes almost put together besides a few nuts, screws and microphone base that is fully explained in the user guide. After following the instructions in the user guide and the stabilizing the microphone base it was time to set up the microphone.

My first step in setting up the EM1 was installing the wind muff to the microphone. For the next step if you don’t have the RF30 Microphone Reflection Filter you would screw the microphone on to the shockproof desktop mic holder. Since I have the reflection filter, I attached the microphone to the microphone base on the filter. Following that step, I attached the USB cord to the microphone and then to my device which immediately turned on the mic.

Per my above video, setting up the microphone to your PC is simple after plugging it. I just went in into my sound settings and within the dropbox for input/ output I chose “Speakers USB MIC Audio” and “Microphone USB MIC Audio.”

Audio Test

I first tested it without the filter on medium gain, so you can hear the general difference from using a filter versus without.

Without Filter

I then tested with the filter on different gain/ volumes with the RF30 Filter.

Low Gain
Medium Gain
High Gain

As you can tell from the 4 audio clips, the filter does make a major difference in sound especially if you are in an open room.

For a first time podcaster, vlogger, recording artist, live streamer or anyone else who needs their first USB microphone and reflection filter this bundle is perfect. It is easy to set up, even without using instructions, and both products work seamlessly with each other.

When looking for an affordable mobile recording studio MOMAN EM1 USB Microphone and RF30 Microphone Reflection Filter combination is a terrific option and very affordable at only $79.99 for the bundle. The MOMAN EM1 USB Microphone itself retails for $49.99 and RF30 Microphone Reflection Filter retails for $59.00.

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