Mother’s Day Gift Guide 2021: Tech Edition

In the past year, Mother’s have been working from home, teaching their children remotely and starting new podcasts daily. Moms have had to make changes to their daily routine and embrace new technologies to manage their families throughout the pandemic. Understanding the sacrifices many mothers have made from managing their workload to their children’s school load, in this gift guide we compiled tech products that can helpful and easy to adapt for busy moms.   

Urban Armor Gear’s [U] by UAG Collection

Urban Armor Gear’s newly launched [U] by UAG is a collection of stylish and sophisticated accessories designed to celebrate female strength and to keep your tech protected. From the gym to the office to wherever, [U] is designed with mobility in mind, these cases are featherlight and impact-resistant. Cases designs are made for iPhones, iPad, Air Pods, Apple Watch, and Samsung Galaxy. Prices are between $29.95 – $59.95 and can be found here: From Friday, April 23rd thru Friday, April 30th  UAG will be offering 33% off all purchases with code MOM33 at


Working out on your Peloton just became multi-functional thanks to the add-on accessories by Top Form Design. The brand’s made in the USA accessories like The Adjuster, to eliminate sore neck, shoulder pain, and pool noodles on the handlebars, the The TFD Cell Mount which allows you to easily mount your cell phone or baby monitor to optimize your workout while staying alert. The SPINTRAY is their flagship best-seller. Fits on handlebars and supports a laptop, phone, tablet, book, or anything else you may want to multitask with while taking that casual scenic ride.  It retails for $53.99 and can be found here:

Pixel Eyewear Blue Light Glasses 

Pixel Eyewear offers stylish blue light protection. Pixel Eyewear has a large selection of unisex styles to choose from including amber glasses for nightshift workers and gamers, reading glasses, and blue light glasses for both kids and adults. Pixel Eyewear provides breakthrough lens technology that filters 50 percent of blue light and up to 95 percent at the strongest wavelengths, without the yellow tint. Lenses also contain nanotechnology that reduce smudges and repel water and dust. For comfort, each lens has an anti-reflective coating, eliminating computer glare and reducing the stress on your eyes. They start at $75.00 and can be found here:

Moman EM1 USB-Condenser-Microphone-Recording-Mic and Moman RF30 Microphone Reflection Filter

For the mom who is doing podcasts or recording, the Moman EM1 USB microphone supports Windows PC/laptop, works with a Mac without an adapter and features long anti-interference cables to ensure lossless audio output. Easy for your Mom to set up with the plug-and-play design, Moman EM1 is free of complicated settings and simple to operate on different devices. When combined with the RF30 Microphone Reflection Filter, the EM1 microphone provides a relatively clear mobile recording studio. The bundle retails for $79.99 and can be purchased here.


RAYCON is offering 20% off all products from April 15th to April 30th in honor of Mother’s Day. The noise cancelling features in the Work earbuds and Everyday Headphones are perfect for working moms in busy households. You can choose from the Everyday Earbuds for $74.99, the Performer Earbuds for $109.99, the Work Earbuds for $149.99 or the Everyday Headphones for $99.99. To view all Mother’s Day specials please visit and use code THXMOM.

FR500 Foot Rocker

Designed to be the perfect accessory to any work-from-home environment, the award-winning FR500 Foot Rocker enhances the experience of the ergonomic workstation. Offering ergonomic relief from prolonged, static sitting the FR500 Foot Rocker encourages gentle rocking of the feet, engaging lower leg muscles to increase healthy circulation. Models start at $99 and can be found here:


A new invisible wireless charger, NeatCharge can be used in conventional office settings, home workspaces, living areas, and even kitchen countertops. While conventional wireless chargers are required to be placed on top of the desk or between the furniture, therefore, permanently affecting the work surface, NeatCharge seamlessly mounts underneath the desk or any tabletop. This game-changing design enhances connectivity for any surface. Models start at $149 and can be found here:

PhotoSpring Digital Photo Frame

PhotoSpring WiFi digital photo frames are battery-powered and easy to pick up for your Mom to take anywhere. The PhotoSpring 10in WiFi Digital Picture Frame has a white/removable black frame, a touchscreen and 16GB internal memory. Designed for non-techies, setup is 3 simple steps, (1) Connect WiFi, (2) Answer a few simple questions, (3) Start sending your photos and videos by email, App, or web browser. It retails for $139.00 and can be purchased here: There is also a premiuim version for $169.00 located here:

Flex 5000

The Flex 5000 transmitter/receiver set brings Sennheiser audio expertise and digital wireless technology to those wishing to improve their TV viewing with a personalized listening experience. Perfect for when Mom wants to take a break and watch a movie or TV, it features three different hearing profiles to enhance TV, movies or music, to choose from. Plus a unique Speech Intelligibility feature that reduces TV background noise for added clarity. Comes with Sennheiser’s MX 475 earphones, but can be used with their favorite wired headphones. It retails for $169.99 and can be found here:

Movo WebMic HD Pro: All-in-One HD Webcam, Mic and LED Light (PRE-ORDER- Ships June 2021)

Movo Podcast accessories are perfect for the mommy Vlogger. Achieve professional-quality audio, video, and lighting with the Movo WebMic HD Pro, the all-in-one HD web camera, condenser microphone, and LED lighting solution. Even though, Mom won’t get this on Mother’s Day, this is a great new addition for only $169.99. Movo also has great podcast accessories starting at just $19.99. To pre-order the Movo WebMic HD Pro please visit: To shop all Podcast accessories please visit:

Movo Smartphone Podcasting Bundle for iOS or Android

If you’re the mom your buying for needs a bigger bundle for podcasting that connects with either Android or iOS this bundle is ideal. The Movo Smartphone Podcasting Bundle is a great deal with 2 Podcast Microphones, 2 Desktop Mic Stands, 2 Pop Filters, and 2-Channel XLR Interface with Lightning Output Compatible with iPhone, iPad for only $259.95 here and the android version for the same price here.

Don’t forget Mother’s Day is May 9th and there is still time to order the perfect gift!


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